Friday, February 5, 2010

He Is Special

R was assigned sometime last week to bring a photo collage with the theme:  I Am Special.  With over a thousand of digital photos in my hard drive, it was hard to select only a few pictures to fit a poster.  To ease the selection process, I decided to choose pictures based on the different aspects of R's life.  As a little boy who love to laugh and play, as a loving son and a funny little brother.

I haven't done Photoshop for quite some time. I was so excited to work on a collage again and I ended up being so inspired that I did this elaborate presentation.

Here is the nursery boy with his toys, hobbies and collections:

Here is the part of his collage which shows him as the adorable little brother:

The family's sweetheart...

On this layout, he shows his enormous love for the outdoors and his great sense of adventure...

On the other hand, he can also be creative when he wants to and proves to be useful in the kitchen...
He is indeed SPECIAL!!!

Here is how it looked like when he brought it to school for his show and tell.  Can I just say I am so happy with how this school project turned out! But more than that, it made me appreciate my little boy all the more. :)