Sunday, January 31, 2010

Change of {heart} about futbol

B recently had a change of heart about all things sporty and decided that she wanted to join her big sis play soccer. I figured that since she already has all the necessary gears she might as well give the sport another try.

Prior to this, I have enrolled her in two or three modules with Futbol Fanatics. She has always shown more aggression on the field than J; going in and attacking the ball even if at that time, due to her young age, it was not clear to her where the goal actually was. I truly thought then that she would be the one who would stay on longer with the sport. So it came as a shock that she lost interest in next to no time.

In spite of this, her soccer cleats would make an occasional jamboree with mud and dust since I made sure to sign up all three of them with our church-sponsored soccer clinic during the summer breaks.

Inserting a photo of the 2009 soccer clinic, with B bringing home a trophy for MVP.

I try to encourage active participation in every endeavor they undertake, and I do expose them to as many sports activities as our schedule permits. But I draw the line at intimidation and coercion. I am not one to force them to pursue an activity if their heart is not into it. I do not believe in wasting time and money just to watch them give half-hearted effort; to catch sight of a lackluster and uninspired undertaking is enough to wind me up to the highest degree of infuriation.

And this is what I mean when I say uninspired....

Just kidding, R! :) But he did have a fascination going on that time with mud, worms and collecting pebbles. Anyhow, other than the minor distractions, R played well most of the time - that is, if he can keep his mind off mud, worms and pebbles. :)

Here he is in a deep and serious huddle with his coach.

All business during scrimmage!

So if the interest is not there, I let it go and we move on to the next activity. But, I make sure to let them try it again at a later time, say one year after, just to see if maybe they changed their minds about it.

True enough, after a hiatus from football for about a year, I asked B earlier this year if she wanted to join her sister play football and she immediately replied in the positive. What she did not mention (but I later found out) was that it did not hurt that a cute li’l boy named Monty from the church-organized soccer event also trains in the same football club.