Monday, May 10, 2010

Tiny Hands Breakfast

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and like the mom in the vintage illustration above, I snuggled my pillow tight in my sleep when I was awakened by a li'l one who crept up my bed... and shouted, "It is eight o'clock already! Happy Mother's Day, Mom!" as she handed me a hand made card that kept her busy the last few days.

We made breakfast for you," she proudly declares. So that's why I thought I heard some kids shouting and pans dropping in the kitchen, as I drifted in and out of sleep, but I was so sleepy to really mind the noise. Then she ran out of my room and dashed right back in with yesterday's newspaper which she kept hidden since, so she can give it to me today, knowing that we don't get our newspaper till later in the day.

With the help of their dad, they made sunny side eggs and fried some tawilis, a freshwater sardine that can be found only in the waters of Taal Lake . I have a very simple preference for breakfast, and nothing can be simpler than a Filipino breakfast of eggs and fried salty fish.

They prepared cups of Tim Horton's hot cocoa. But since we are still in the middle of summer, they quickly added ice cubes to theirs to turn it into frappes. :)

They just made me wake up to one of my best days ever. They gave me such a priceless gift! The gift of themselves as they put in the effort to wake up early and their thoughtfulness to prepare breakfast... complete with yesterday's newspaper. :) No designer bag can beat that!