Friday, June 4, 2010

Nature Valley Run 2010

The Nature Valley Run was one of the most organized and one of the most crowded of all the races I have joined, and undoubtedly, the hottest race that I have ran.  I have decided to run the 5k as I felt that my body could not take running a 10k distance under the humid summer heat.  As I was running, my thoughts turned to the half-marathoners.  How I pitied them!  How could anyone endure more than one hour of running under the scorching, burning, insufferable sun!
It's a good thing I moved down too; the heat was so, so unbearable that I had to stop at ALL the water station to hydrate myself; and all of those water stops showed in my finish time.  Still, it's something to smile about as the achievement statistics show I was ahead of 80% of the women runners.  Pwede na din! 
Here is my race analysis from the Nature Valley Run.