Monday, December 13, 2010

Honeysuckle: 2011 Color of the Year

It has been decided!  Pantone, the color know-it-all, has dubbed Honeysuckle the color of the year.

This playful shade of pink, described by the Wall Street Journal as a "sherbety pink with a hint of red and orange zest,"is expected to be making numerous appearances in the clothes, accessories, and cosmetics on the runway;  at furniture and other home accessories; on industrial design; as a theme for weddings; and even on our nails. 
Liz Hurley is pretty in pink

Here is Paris Hilton showing us how NOT to do it

Mood Board for a honeysuckle themed wedding

You can also tone down the color when you pair it with silver and gray 

The Kitchen Aid stand mixer in this color is sold out at Amazon
A fresh take on the kitchen
A lovely room to wake up to

Charge in Style with the Visa® Platinum Rewards Card in Honeysuckle
James Mischka, one of the designers for the Badgley Mishcka designer line, says that the vibrant shade can fashionably be worn all year long, for casual and formal occasions.  He adds that the way to wear it is either against white or all on its own, noting it doesn't pair well with black.
image from the Badgley Mishka Spring 2011 collection
As for me, it is good thing that James Mishcka was nowhere near me as I venture out a couple of  months ago wearing my "honeysuckle" bag with a black dress. Di daw bagay di ba?  :)
Take note of the cousin rocking her sky-high pumps in the background

The bag is a Kate Spade, purchased this year by C as a gift for me.  Shempre, when I initially saw the color, I was shocked... eh kse hot pink.  To explain the strange choice of color, he says he bought it on sale.  He thought it was a good price for a bag that was made from genuine leather.  I am sure he bought it primarily because of the hugeness of the bag because he knows I put everything in my bag.  I am literally a travelling clinic and nursery with the various kid-related paraphernalia I have inside my, nail-cutter, Victorinox mini multi purpose tool, medicine, citronella anti-mosquito spray - and that is not counting my own war-slash-vanity kit... oh well you get the drift...  

Who would ever have thought that my manang bag would fortuitously be "IN" next year.  hahahaha!

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