Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tomatis Method: Good Learners Are Good Listeners

When I received an invitation for an exclusive educational presentation of the Tomatis Method, I was intrigued to know more about this technique which claims to help children achieve their maximum potential  by re-awakening their ear's natural ability to listen.

Tomatis may be a word that is unfamiliar to many, but I am sure most of us have heard of the term, Mozart Effect.  French Doctor Alfred Tomatis is the man whose research inspired the term 'Mozart Effect'. Dr. Tomatis noticed an increase in brain development that takes place in children as they listen to the music of Mozart and also noticed that Mozart created the greatest healing effect on the human body.

Dr. Tomatis’ discovery led to the realization that listening troubles are the root cause of many learning problems.  The Tomatis Method is non-invasive, drug-free and involves no tutoring or teaching.  It is an auditory stimulation program that is designed to re-awaken the ear’s natural ability to listen and ultimately stimulate the brain’s desire to communicate. 

The program addresses the needs of children with developmental delays/disorders by improving their listening skills.  It has been seen to benefit kids diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, autism, dyslexia, and other sensory integration problems. 

However, school children with no diagnosed disorder but need improved focus and listening can also benefit of the available standard program called Brain Gain.

The Tomatis Method also claims to have helped adults fight depression, learn foreign languages faster, develop better communication skills, and improve both creativity and on-the-job performance. Many musicians, singers and actors also found it helpful in fine-tuning their artistic skills. These clients include the opera singer Maria Callas, French actor Gerard Depardieu, and rock star Sting.

The kids are made to wear a specially designed headset while listening to
electronically modified music and language to re-educate, stimulate and improve the way in which the mind process auditory information. 
The training is provided through a highly developed technical sound system known as the Electronic Ear. The training center is equipped with a special and proprietary listening equipment.  (Take note of the Tomatis logo on all of the equipment.)

Tomatis Philippines is the only accredited Tomatis Center in the whole of Asia.  The owners are all Tomatis accredited consultants. They share how they started Tomatis Philippines here.

Mom-Friday with Tomatis Owners Gem Manosa, Joanne Pedrosa and Ria Vecin.
A group photo courtesy of My Mom-Friday
The Tomatis Method could be the solution to your problem.  Book now for an assessment or like them on Facebook to get updates as they periodically give out FREE listening assessments.

Tomatis Philippines
Alabang.  FLWI, DLSZ, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa 771.3579 loc 800
Fort. 2/F Kensington Place, 1st Avenue, Bonifacio Global City 856.7631

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Barcelona Chair ... Dreaming

Since the start of the year, I have developed an ardent fascination with the Barcelona Chair.  I love its simple design and timeless beauty, and how it can instantly add a seamless layer of chic to a room.  I love how it made tufting look so quiet and modern.   

The Barcelona Chair was designed by acclaimed German architect Mies Van der Rohe for the German Pavilion at the Barcelona World’s Fair in 1928.   Can you believe this chair was designed over 80 years ago?  The design still looks incredibly modern.  And if one is not aware of the lineage and history of this chair, it would be easy to think of it as a recent creation.  While the original design was made in stainless steel with ivory leather, the Barcelona Chair now has many variations and has inspired countless other furniture designs.  

Personally I love them in white Italian full grain aniline leather. I would love for this modern classic to find a place in my living room.  I want it in pairs - with matching ottomans.  How glorious, di ba!

But since we live in Manila where air pollution is at a very notorious level, maybe black Italian full grain aniline leather would be a more reasonable option.  I think it would survive better.

I am saving up for my Barcelona.  In the meantime I find myself going to my digital album of Barcelona chairs.... patiently waiting...

How about you, what color do you like? I'd like to hear your thoughts on this...

image credits:  all images taken from various sources.  Sorry, did not note down sources as it was just primarily intended to be for my private digital album.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sophisticated Provisions For A Li'l Girl's Birthday

Over the weekend, I was busy inside my head thinking up a storm on what to do with smoked salmon.  Our little diva daughter wanted smoked salmon to be the theme for her birthday dinner as we celebrated her turning eight.  She wrote down her suggested dinner menu as such:  "creamy salmon pasta, pasta with salmon and olive oil, cheese pizza with REAL mozzarella."  Yes, with ALL CAPS on the REAL... scared that I might substitute with quick melt cheese.  Hahaha!  
The moment in her young life when she started to realize that there’s more to food than rice and porkchop is really exciting.  I always feel sorry for kids who are fussy eaters, who stick to the safe and easy choices, because they’re missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures.  The key to developing a propensity to take on a better appreciation for a variety of taste lies in part on the encouragement of parents to experiment with an assortment of wonderful cuisine.

Yep, my li'l B certainly knows the Good Stuff!  Her palate is continuously developing a taste for  sophisticated gastronomy, and that will only mean our grocery and restaurant bill will start growing as well.

To prepare for that smoked salmon dinner....

A quick trip to our favorite delicatessen and I am all set...

Smoked Salmon is quite expensive, but I have found that S&R sells them at the most reasonable price.  And also, the fish is very flavorful in itself, so a little goes a long way.  It is best to buy them pre-sliced, and to just separate the delicate thin slices as you unwrap the fish.

I thought of starting the night with some Smoked Salmon Crostini.  It is a very simple hors doeuvres to make since most of the ingredients can be prepared before hand, and the assembly done right before serving.

I also want to share with you a kitchen tip which I got from my sister... I learned from her that you can use any bread to make crostini.  Yes, even the lowly pandesal! :)
The usual bread of choice for a crostini, for most of us is a baguette, but if you are not very particular and do not mind that your crostini are not the same size, then go ahead and follow what I did...

simply cut up those Gardenia Pandesal into thin slices and bake in a 350-degree oven for 5-7 minutes or until they are golden.

Doesn't look like Pandesal once it's all dressed up, eh?

As what the Birthday Girl requested, I also prepared linguini with smoked salmon, arugula and capers. My sister made a creamy salmon pasta which was a welcome addition on the dining table... but since I was too busy putting food on the table, I was not able to take a photo of it. 

And for dessert, because I know my li'l girl has a predilection for sophisticated provisions, I decided to indulge her by serving her namesake cheese, Brie En Croute. Brie En Croute is just a fancy name for Brie cheese wrapped in phyllo pastry.  Despite its complicated name, it is on the contrary quite easy to prepare.

First, just peel off the cover 

Then, cut the wheel in half like so

Cut the phyllo sheets to size and brush cooled, melted butter on each sheet.

Place Brie cut side up in the middle of the sheet and top with 1/8 cup packed brown sugar and 1/4 cup roasted, chopped walnuts

Top with remaining Brie cheese.  Brush sides of phyllo sheets with egg wash and seal to close.

Brush the edges of the dough

Turn around and you can put some design, but it is optional

Brush with eggwash all over.  Bake in a preheated 400 degree celsius oven for 12-15 minutes, or until golden brown.  Serve with slivers of apple and pear, or toast.

The Birthday Girl enjoyed her dinner celebration!  
I hope you are inspired to recreate the recipes I have shared here.  Enjoy!

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Summer Activities: Academic Enrichment

Just because school's out doesn't mean that scholarly interest shouldn't be pursued.  Here is a list of academic enrichment classes if you are fortunate enough to have kids who enjoy doing math drills right in the middle of summer. 
Source:  Smart Parenting


Asian Center for Foreign Languages
Description : Courses offered : Summer Language Courses for Japanese, Fookien, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Thai, Arabic, English, Filipino

Address : 1406-B West Tower, PSE Center (Tektite) Exchange Road,Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Website :
Tel : 687-7342
Tel : 633-0712
Email :
Email :

Chilan Learning Center
Description : Courses offered: Chinese (Mandarin) Summer Classes for Kids

Address : No. 35 J. Gutierrez St., Little Baguio, San Juan, Metro Manila
Website :
Mobile : 0917-8713206
Tel : 584-5551

How’s My English Language Center
Description : Courses offered: English Summer Classes for Kids aged 6 to 16

Address : Sampaloc, Manila
Email :
Tel : 302-9077

Languages Internationale
Description : Courses offered: French Korean, Spanish or Mandarin for Kids

Address : Languages Internationale Building, 926 Arnaiz Ave., Makati City, Metro Manila
Website :
Tel : 810-7765
Tel : 810-7971 to 72
Mobile : 0939-6273630   0915-7999859
Email :

E.nopi Philippines
Description : Courses offered: Basic Thinking Math and Critical Thinking Math courses for students from Kindergarten up to Grade 11

Address : Unit 812 Globe Telecom Plaza 1, Pioneer St . cor Madison St., Mandaluyong City
Website :
Tel : 706-1670 to 71    706-4630

Galileo Enrichment Center
Description : Courses offered: Summer Math-Art Workshop for kids 3 to 12 years old

Address : 3rd floor, Goodwill Corporate Center Building, No. 393 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Brgy. Bel-air, Makati City
Website :
Email :
Tel : 895-8095

Description : Courses offered: Math Enrichment Programs (also offers Reading Programs)

Address : 19th Floor, Philamlife Tower, 8767 Paseo de Roxas Makati
Website :
Tel : 885-0226

MSA Institute
Description : Courses offered: Academic Advancement Programs for grade school students

Website :

3A Test Review Center
Description : Courses offered: Kids Summer Reading Class (3 levels: Pre-reader, Basic, Advanced)

Address : Colet’s Resort, Aguinaldo Hi-way, DasmariƱas City, Cavite (across Waltermart DasmariƱas)
Website :
Contact Person : Dhes
Tel : 046-6864213
Mobile : 0921-5152224
Mobile : 0917-5948318
Email :

E.nopi Philippines
Description : Courses offered: Listening, Speaking, Reading (and Writing)

Address : Unit 812 Globe Telecom Plaza 1, Pioneer St . cor Madison St., Mandaluyong City
Website :
Tel : 706-1670 to 71    706-4630

Mega Tutors Review and Tutorials San Fernando
Description : Courses offered: Reading Clinic for kids 5 to 6 years old

Address : 3/F San Agustin Mall Bldg., (BDP and BPI Savings Bank on the groundfloor, near Waltermart San Fernando) McArthur Hi-way, San Agustin, City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Mobile : 0917-5661224    0922-83LEARN (0922-8353276)
Tel : 045-4550925

Imagine That! Creative Playspace Center
Description : Courses offered: Science classes for preschool age kids (Offers Art, Reading and Music and Movement too)

Address : 2nd Floor Three Salcedo Building Tordesillas St. Makati
Email :
Mobile : 0920-9605421

Mad Science Philippines
Description : Courses offered: Fun and interactive Science workshops that spark children’s imaginative learning

Address : 58 Victoria Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City
Website :
Tel : 727-0291    727-5692
Mobile : 0906-5875269

Creative Writing
Adarna House
Courses offered: Short Story Writing Workshop, Book-Making Workshop

Address : Scout Torillo corner Scout Fernandez Streets, Barangay Sacred Heart, Quezon City 
Website :
Contact Person : Lance
Tel : 352-6765, local 120
Email :

Alternative Learning Resource School (ALRES) Philippines
Description : Courses offered: Busy Fingers Handwriting Program

Address : No. 26-B Agno St. Cor. Cordillera St., Dona Josefa, Quezon City
Website :
Mobile : 0908-4930623
Tel : 411-8736    712-1189
Email :

Bridges and Blitz Training Centre and Online School
Description : Courses offered: Summer Writing (and Reading) Classes for 5- and 6- year olds

Address : 473E 3F T&E Banez Bldg. Tandang Sora Ave., Culiat, Quezon City

Contact Person : Jean Totanes
Mobile : 0918-7857807
Email :

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Summer Activities: Sports

Here is the list of summer activities which might be helpful to those of you who have sprightly and energetic little ones:
Source:  Smart Parenting

Basketball / Softball
Description : Boys & Girls Baseball
T-Ball: 5-6 years old

Coach Pitch: 7-8 years old
Minors: 9-10 years old
Website :
Email :

Milo Sports Clinics
Address : #34 Scout Lozano corner Scout Reyes, Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City
Website :
Contact Person : Ms. Naty Reyes
Tel : 411-6260
Email :

Xavier School Summer Sports Program
Description : Offers sports lessons e.g. badminton, baseball, basketball, capoeira, chess, fencing, football, taekwondo, swimming, golf, shaolin wushu or kung fu, street dance, table tennis
Address : 64 Xavier Street, Greenhills West, San Juan, Metro Manila

Website :
Contact Person : Mr. Sabio/Ms. Agcaoili/Mr. Resurreccion
Tel : 723-0481, local 374 

Milo Sports Clinics
Website :
Tel : 939-5025 (SM Fairview)
Tel : 556-1533 (SM Mall of Asia)
Tel : 441-1802 (SM North)

Camp Explore
Description : Experiential learning activities through a camp setting
Address : Mount Purro Nature Camp, Calawis, Antipolo City

Website :
Contact Person : Ms. Kit Malvar Llamas
Tel : 211-8049
Mobile : 0918-2793799

Milo Checkmate (Metropolitan Chess Club)
Address : Manila
Website :
Contact Person : Ms. Mila Emperado
Tel : 826-8560

Programs Offered: Rolling sessions for beginners, seven years old and above.Reservation is recommended.
Class Locations:
QC: Club 650, Libis
Makati: Dasmarinas Village Pavilion
Alabang: Star Mall Courts, 3rd Level Metropolis Star Mall Alabang , Muntinlupa

Address : Carmona, Cavite

Website :
Contact Person : Instructor Marce (Makati) / Coach Bev (Alabang) / Coach Vier (QC)
Email :
Mobile : 0917-4346181 (Makati)
Mobile : 0917-5293883 (Alabang)
Mobile : 0917-8988437 (Quezon City)

Sword Play Sports Equipment Trading
Description : Fencing Equipment and Lessons
Address : 20-B United St, Kapitolyo, Pasig

Contact Person : Walter Torres
Tel : 216-0018
Mobile : 0917-85FENCE (0917-8533623)
Email :

Football / Soccer
Manila Soccer Academy
Description : A choice of 3X a week, 2X a week or once a week training, schedule varies.  Call for inquiries.
Class Location: Manila Polo Club (membership not a requirement)

Girls and Boys Age Group: 
3.5 - 4 years,  5 - 6 years,  7- 9 years
Address : 17 Mckinley Rd., Forbes Park, Makati City

Website :
Contact Person : Maricel Abad
Email :
Tel : 848-8674
Mobile : 0917-8415530

Mondonedo Football Academy
Description : Skills development programs for 3-16 years old and Movement programs for toddlers under 3 years old
Address : North Forbes Park, Urdaneta Park, Nomad British Club, Phillipines Sports Complex

Contact Person : Coach Butch Mondonedo
Mobile : 0918-9061249

Kindergolf Philippines
Programs Offered:  Year round programs available, generally recommended for four to seven, but even preschoolers as young as two can start enjoying the basics.  Trial Classes available.
Address : Unit 410 Shangri-La Plaza Mall, EDSA corner Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
Website :
Contact Person : Ms. Danica Tan
Tel : 910-0028
Email :

Ice Skating
SM Ice Skating
Description : Offers ice skating/figure skating lessons
Website :
Contact Person : Mr. Patsus Evangelista (Southmall) / Ms. Millie Calleja (MOA)
Tel : 800-0426 (SM Southmall)
Tel : 556-0469 to 71 (SM Mall of Asia)

Martial Arts
AAK – Association for the Advancement of Karatedo
Description : Karate lessons
Address : AAK Fitness System, 5/F Bldg. B SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City

Website :
Contact Person : Elena
Tel : 635-6608

Fudoshin Aikido of San Lorenzo
Description : Program Offered: Introductory classes of about 19 sessions are held for kids 6-14 years old for an hour and a half in the morning or afternoon.  Call the office for the schedule.
Address : 1022 Arnaiz Avenue Makati City

Website :
Tel : 843-4410
Mobile : 0917-8247817

Address : #10 St. Anthony St. Novaliches Q.C.
Contact Person : Magnolia Reyes
Tel : 937-6541

Olympians Taekwondo Training Centre
Description : Taekwondo lessons
Address : 2/F Amber Place, 19 MRT Avenue (formerly Bayani Road), Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

Website :
Contact Person : Mercy / Arlenee
Tel : 889-5463

Wushu Federation Philippines, Inc.
Description : Wushu (self-defense) lessons
Address : 5/F Philippine Center Sports Medicine Bldg., Rizal Memorial Complex, P. Ocampo Street, Malate, Manila

Contact Person : Lily / Den
Tel : 404-3492

Soul Adventure, Inc. (Philippine Surfing Academy)
Programs Offered:  Surfing lessons for 5 years and above.  Morning classes are from 10am-12pm and Afternoon Classes run from 2pm-4pm.  Book well ahead.
Address : Class Location: Club Manila East, Km.24 Manila East Road, Taytay, Rizal (Wave Pool) and Ocean Waves in Club Manila East, Taytay, Rizal; Real, Quezon; Zambales; La Union; Baler, Quezon
Website :
Tel : 357-5452
Mobile : 0917-8441981

Tel : 631-2805

Ace Water Spa
Description : Offers basic and advanced swimming lessons.  Classes available for babies, children and adults.
Address : 399 Del Monte Avenue (near cor. Banaue St.) SFDM, Quezon City

Website :
Tel : 367-8040 to 41
Tel : 367-8061 to 62
Tel : 415-0164
Fax : 415-2477
Email :

Aqualogic Swim Co.
Description : Offers swimming lessons for babies 6 months old and above
Address : Colegio San Agustin, Dasmarinas Village, Makati

Website :
Contact Person : Ms. Ria Mackay / Ms. Agnes / Ms. Vanessa
Tel : 703-6386
Tel : 837-1716
Mobile : 0917-858AQUA (0917-8582782)

Ateneo de Manila Swimming Program
Description : Offers swimming lessons for kids 4 years old and above
Address : LSPE Swimming Pool near College Covered Courts, Ateneo de Manila University

Website :
Contact Person : Ms. Leny Manalo
Tel : 426-6001, local 5019

Bert Lozada Swimming School
Description : Class locations: Manila, Paranaque, Caloocan, Quezon City, Antipolo, Bulacan, Batangas, Bacolod, Cabanatuan, Nueva Vizcaya
Programs Offered: Rolling programs offered from basic to advanced for infants, toddlers and kids.  (Teens and adults as well)
Address : 2401 Tejeron Street, Sta. Ana Manila

Website :
Mobile : 0917-700SWIM (0917-7007946)
Tel : 562-8041
Tel : 563-5532
Email :

Description : Yoga classes for kids 3 years and above
Address : Ayala, Alabang

Contact Person : Teacher Michelle Aventajado
Mobile : 0920-9472759

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Summer Activities: Culinary Arts

Hello March!  Hello Summer!  School will be over for our kids in a week or two. As always, for us parents, summer means having to look for activities that will keep our kids busy, happy and productive.  A lot of my friends have been asking me to put up a list of summer activities happening in and around the metro.

I am sharing with you a very comprehensive list, which  Smart Parenting have compiled.  This is going to be a series of posts of activities grouped according to category/interest.

For parents with kids who are budding culinay connoisseurs:

1.  Center for Asian Culinary Studies
 Just for Tots.  A series of hands-on classes for little kids aged two to four, with Chef China Cojuangco and Chef Aki Gonzales. Children who are two and three years of age should be accompanied by an adult (parent, guardian or nanny).  Fee is P1,900 per class day (apron included). Get a P500 discount when you pay in full for your kid's class before March 31, 2011 and a P500 discount if you enroll your child to all 3 classes. and

Schedule of Courses (April 7 to 10 ; from 10 am to 2 pm)
•    I Have the Skills (April 7) - Your tots will be learning the most basic cooking skills for this day. They will be learning how to make scrambled eggs, mango torte, breadsticks, banana, and Nutella crepe.
•    I am a Pastry Chef (April 9) - Your tots will be learning some easy and delicious recipes fit for a future pastry chef. They will be making chocolate truffles, cookies and cupcakes, and mocha cake; and they will learn how to decorate cakes too.
•    I am a Chef (April 10) - Your tots will be making easy and delicious recipes fit for a future chef. They will be making grilled cheese sandwich, pizza (Hawaiian and BLT), creamy tuna and corn Macaroni, and spring rolls.

Kid’s Cooking Workshops Year 3. 
Give your kids an exciting and fun-filled summer in the kitchen with the Kid's Cooking Workshop. Chef Aki Gonzalez & Chef China Cojuangco will be giving the kids a hands-on experience in cooking and baking, as well as some tips for summer money-making with a food sale.  For kids five years old and above. Fee is 1,900 per day (apron included). Get a 5 percent discount when you pay in full for your kid’s class before May 2, 2011 and P500 off if you enroll your child to all five classes.
Schedule of courses (May 16 to 20; from 10 am to 3 pm)
•    A Little Baker’s Fair (May 16) - Your child will be learning some impressive baked goodies fit for all ages, including easy chocolate fudge, banana bread, pastillas and polvoron, cheesecake, and French toast.
•    Kiosk Food (May 17) - Your kid will be making some delicious snacks like Persian shawarma, stadium corndogs, Chinese siomai, Mexican tacos, and happy spaghetti.
•    Famous YumYums (May 18) - Your kid will be learning how to make their all-time favorite foods like fried chicken, lasagna, hamburgers, pizza, and butterscotch bars.
•    Perfect and Delicious Gifts (May 19) - Your kid will learn how to make some delightful gifts from the kitchen: toffee apples, mac and cheese, cookies, Russian salad, and chicken croquettes.
•    Make My Own Meal (May 20) - Your kids will learn how to get their creative juices flowing by making their own appetizers, main course and desserts with the ingredients given to them. Think little iron chef!
Address : 455 P. Guevarra Street, San Juan, Metro Manila

Website :
Contact Person : Michelle or Dang
Tel : 726-9326
Tel : 725-5097
Email :

2.  Center for Culinary Arts, Manila
Description : Courses offered: This course is designed for young kids from seven to 10 years old and for older children aged 10 to 16 years old.  Courses range from international cuisines, lunchbox goodies, pastries to desserts.  Each course lasts for 5 days, afternoons of Monday to Friday.  The course fee includes a certificate of completion, apron, toque, lecture materials, and, recipe ingredients.
Schedule of Courses (First Batch):
•    Young Upstarts (March 22 to 25)
•    Western Flavors (March 22 to 25)
•    Baking and Pastry 101 (March 28 to April 1)
•    Asian Flavors (March 28 to April 1)
Address : 287 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108 Philippines

Website :

Email :
Tel : 426-4840 to 41

3.  Enderun Colleges
Description : Little Chefs Kiddie Program
Courses offered: A program for children aged seven to 10 years old. Classes will be held on April 5, 7, 12 and 14 and on May 12, 17, 19, and 24. Chef Angelica Soriano will preside over the following classes:
•    Choco-loco and Fruit-tutti Day (Day 1) - Projects:  flourless chocolate cake with assorted toppings, fruits of the day dipped in chocolate fountain, and chocolate shake topped with preserved fruits.
•    Cheese-max Day (Day 2) - Projects: cheese fiesta pasta, yummy vegetable cheese pie, potato hash with cheesy sauce, and cooling candy stick (ice candy).
•    Meat my friends (Day 3) - Projects: meaty mighty burger, chicken pencil cut, rice in bowls, and milky way.
•    Seafood-discovery Day (Day 4) - Projects: shrimpy tempura magic, seafood marinara with fresh pasta, tomato basil bruchetta, and raisin jelly belly.
Address : 1100 Campus Avenue, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

Website :
Contact Person : Monica Salamatin
Tel : 856-5000, local 505
Tel : 0917-5924674
Email :

4.  Heny Sison Culinary School
Description : Cooking and baking lessons for kids
Address : 33 Bonnie Serrano Avenue (formerly Santolan Road), Crame, Quezon City

Website :
Contact Person : Ms. Rita/Ms. Tess
Tel : 726-5316

5.  Magsaysay Institute for Hospitality and Culinary Arts
Description : Young Chefs Academy
A cooking class just for kids! Young chefs will learn the basics of the following: kitchen safety, proper food handling, food preparation, and cooking and baking techniques. Prepared food will be served or taken home by the students. The classes are scheduled on May 14 and May 21 and will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Address : 3/F Times Plaza Building, United Nations Avenue cor. Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila

Website :
Tel : 527-7893

6.  Maya Kitchen
Description : Kids Summer Culinary Workshops
A series of workshops for boys and girls aged six to nine years old. They will learn how to make items like banapple muffins, mashed potato, chicken fingers, soda float, marshmallow and candy brownies, mac ‘n cheese, milkshakes with jelly, squiggle pancakes, spaghetti, bread dough art, sugar cookies, French toast, fruit kebabs, soft tortilla, and cookies and cream shakes. The first series of classes are scheduled on April 5, 6, 7, 8 from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. The P4000 fee is inclusive of the following: apron and toque, ingredients, hand-outs, lunch, and certificate. Enroll early and get a 10 percent early bird discount.
Address : 8th Floor, Liberty Building, 835 A. Arnaiz Avenue, Legazpi Village, Makati City

Website :
Tel : 892-5011, local 108

The Culinary Workshop
Description : Offers culinary lessons for children of different ages (three to six years old, seven to 11 years old and 12 to 17 years old). The Culinary Workshop also offers three levels of The Little Chef’s Baking Program plus a Parent-Child Baking Program for parents who want to join in on the fun. The programs run for 5 days and each daily session lasts for approximately 2 hours.
Address : Unit 104, Ground Floor AIC Gold Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Website :

Contact Person : Chef Sabie
Mobile : 0915-4870991
Tel : 500-1105
Email :

7.  Vicky Veloso-Barrera’s Tiny Kitchen
Description : Offers basic and advanced classes for children.
Tiny Kitchen 1 - for kids aged four to six years old

Tiny Kitchen - for kids aged seven to 12 years old

Tiny Kitchen Teens - for teens aged 13 to 19 years old

Additional courses, namely Around the World, Pinoy Favorites, American Classics, Flavors of Asia, Taste of Europe, Party Food, Cake Decorating, Just Desserts Part 1 and 2, Nothing but Chocolate, Dessert Workshop, and more, are also offered. There are also one-day baking and cooking workshops where participants will learn how to bake cookies and cupcakes, make pasta, or a combination of these.

Address : 31 Scout Tobias, Quezon City

Website :

Contact Person : Vicky Veloso-Barrera
Tel : 410-2279
Mobile : 0917-5393940
Email :

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Hot Sands Collection 2011

Ipanema, the fashionable Brazilian flipflop brand, recently launched the Gisele Bundchen Hot Sands Collection.  I am a long-time Ipanema fan and I practically live in flip-flops, so I was naturally excited to have been invited to this exclusive and intimate event to showcase their newest collection. 

Here are some of my favorite designs:
 This colorful and summer collection of nature-themed foot wear was presented via a fashion show at the SM Prestige Lounge.   The Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Hot Sands 2011 collection features great looking pieces that features adorable little bow embellishments and wedge designs that will surely add some sizzle to your favorite summer outfit.
Patxi Elizalde, managing director of ELRO Corp., the exclusive distributor of Ipanema Philippines is right is saying, "The Hot Sands collection is the perfect complement to the sunny season of summer."
And because Ipanema loves summer as much as everyone does, they are offering a 10% discount on the Hot Sands Collection for the entire month of March.  Offer is good at all SM Department Stores upon presentation of the SM Advantage Card.

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