Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tomatis Method: Good Learners Are Good Listeners

When I received an invitation for an exclusive educational presentation of the Tomatis Method, I was intrigued to know more about this technique which claims to help children achieve their maximum potential  by re-awakening their ear's natural ability to listen.

Tomatis may be a word that is unfamiliar to many, but I am sure most of us have heard of the term, Mozart Effect.  French Doctor Alfred Tomatis is the man whose research inspired the term 'Mozart Effect'. Dr. Tomatis noticed an increase in brain development that takes place in children as they listen to the music of Mozart and also noticed that Mozart created the greatest healing effect on the human body.

Dr. Tomatis’ discovery led to the realization that listening troubles are the root cause of many learning problems.  The Tomatis Method is non-invasive, drug-free and involves no tutoring or teaching.  It is an auditory stimulation program that is designed to re-awaken the ear’s natural ability to listen and ultimately stimulate the brain’s desire to communicate. 

The program addresses the needs of children with developmental delays/disorders by improving their listening skills.  It has been seen to benefit kids diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, autism, dyslexia, and other sensory integration problems. 

However, school children with no diagnosed disorder but need improved focus and listening can also benefit of the available standard program called Brain Gain.

The Tomatis Method also claims to have helped adults fight depression, learn foreign languages faster, develop better communication skills, and improve both creativity and on-the-job performance. Many musicians, singers and actors also found it helpful in fine-tuning their artistic skills. These clients include the opera singer Maria Callas, French actor Gerard Depardieu, and rock star Sting.

The kids are made to wear a specially designed headset while listening to
electronically modified music and language to re-educate, stimulate and improve the way in which the mind process auditory information. 
The training is provided through a highly developed technical sound system known as the Electronic Ear. The training center is equipped with a special and proprietary listening equipment.  (Take note of the Tomatis logo on all of the equipment.)

Tomatis Philippines is the only accredited Tomatis Center in the whole of Asia.  The owners are all Tomatis accredited consultants. They share how they started Tomatis Philippines here.

Mom-Friday with Tomatis Owners Gem Manosa, Joanne Pedrosa and Ria Vecin.
A group photo courtesy of My Mom-Friday
The Tomatis Method could be the solution to your problem.  Book now for an assessment or like them on Facebook to get updates as they periodically give out FREE listening assessments.

Tomatis Philippines
Alabang.  FLWI, DLSZ, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa 771.3579 loc 800
Fort. 2/F Kensington Place, 1st Avenue, Bonifacio Global City 856.7631

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