Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ateneo Aquathlon 2011

Like the previous year, J's swimming team supported this year's Ateneo Aquathlon as well.  But unlike last year, the 12 and under participants are to bear the brunt of the unforgiving summer sun, with their wave the last to start at 8:30am. 

With some of her team-mates from CAL Swimming

Thank goodness!  She managed to remember to put herself in front of the crowd of swimmers...

She performed well in the water, and was the fifth girl out of the pool.  She is to face what is the hardest part of the race for her - the run leg.  I remember, I ran alongside her last year...

This year, I was contemplating on running with her again, but C put his foot down and decided that J should run her own race this year.

Heading straight to the official's table to check her time after crossing the finish line.  (Notice a veteran tri-kid with her own personailized tri-suit behind J)

For future reference, her race stats are:  400m swim: 6min 28 sec, 3km run: 19min 06sec, total race time:  25min 34sec. 

She is obviously pleased with her finish!

 Read how she handled her first aquathlon here.