Monday, May 16, 2011

Serene Experience at The Spa Rockwell

There are a lot of group buying sites sprouting around, and I am joining in on the crazy buying mania.  One of my favorite sites is Dealgrocer.  I enjoy making purchases here because it has partnered with reputable and established suppliers. Since I made my first purchase early this year, I have since then also availed of numerous others.  The most enjoyable one of which is the coupon I got for The Spa-Rockwell.
It is not my habit to treat myself to a spa treatment so this is an infrequent indulgence.  My mom’s only sister, who resides stateside, has come home for a visit.  I wanted to bring her to a place that was going to make an impression on her, so it was really a dilemma for me.  When the spa deal came up at Dealgrocer I purchased it right away, knowing that the luxurious interiors and the unparalleled service is sure to impress anyone.

The place has a modern and glamorous look to it.  The soothing pallete of warm grays and quiet taupe is gently interrupted by elements of glass, chrome and geometric Art Deco patterns.

A Philip Stark Louis Ghost Chair inside the Premier Suites... serves as a depository for our carry-ons
The Deal Grocer coupon includes the use of  a Premier Suite for the one-hour massage and an additional thirty minutes to enjoy the jacuzzi inside the room.  The Premier Suite is a private room with an exclusive shower area, jacuzzi, and a massage bed.    The room has provisions set for toiletries, towels, bath robe and even disposable underwears. 

They also serves complimentary ginger-infused tea and water.
Couples can also request for a couples room to enjoy this calming experience together. 
Guests are to choose from Shiatsu, Swedish or Deep-Tissue massage. I personally prefer oils so I chose the Swedish.  The massage eased my muscle tension and almost drove me to the point of slumber.  

The Spa - Rockwell
R2 Level, Archeology Wing
Power Plant Mall, Rockwel, Makati
470.68.68 /  470.78.78

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