Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pampering Massage at Nuat Thai - Libis

Going for a spa treatment is a luxury which I do not frequently indulge in.  Just recently, I availed the services of a high-end spa to entertain a balikbayan aunt.  But usually, whenever I find myself needing a massage, I just avail of the home-service masseuse. Not only is it convenient as I do not have to step out of my house, the home-service is very affordable as well.  The only drawback is that my kids go in and out of the room as well - so there is no calming and tranquility in that experience.

As a belated Mother's Day Treat, I was invited to try the massage treatment at NUAT THAI Spa in Libis.  My opinion about spa services just changed!  Nuat Thai – Libis offers some serious pampering at very affordable prices.
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After a quick intro with the owners, Janine Ching and Jay Tiu, and after exchanging short pleasantries with the other mom-bloggers, I was ushered in to begin my spa treatment. 
Going way past the reception, into the spa proper, the aromatic oils scented the pathway leading to the foot wash.  In the other foot spas that I have visited, they usually give a foot soak before proceeding with the treatment.  This is the first time that I have tried getting a footwash.  
Rone from Mothering Earthlings getting a footwash

They recommended that I combine a thirty-minute foot spa (P150.00) before my one-hour body massage.  I happily complied, of course.  Seeing that they offer a Thai massage with oil (P300.00), I opted to try this one out.   I usually enjoy a massage with oil, so my habitual choice of treatment is a Swedish massage.  A Thai massage with oil is certainly something new. 

The area for the foot spa is a dimly-lit common room, but privacy is maintained as curtains are draped, separating the guests.  Each section has a reclining chair and a basket is thoughtfully provided for my personal carry-ons.  They wrapped my waist and my shoulders with a heated pad that  smells faintly of peppermint.  The foot spa is so calming that I dozed off in the middle of my treatment. 

Right before my therapist informs me my foot spa is done, she first generously sprinkled my legs and feet with some peppermint talc.  The powder feels cool on my skin, and my thought are instantly turned to my hubby, C, and how he would love this.  He hates how massage oils leave his skin feeling sticky and heavy after; the peppermint talc would let him enjoy this foot spa.

For my body massage, they led me to a room with a tatami-style mat.  Since I chose the Thai massage, I was also provided for with a set of pajama to wear.  Unlike other spas which asks for an upgrade fee for scented oils, Nuat Thai – Libis offers a selection of peppermint, green tea and lavender with no extra cost.  I love Bulgari’s Green Tea EDT so naturally the green tea scent was my choice.
The Thai body massage with oil utilizes the deep-kneading and interactive stretching techniques of a Thai massage combined with an oil massage just for the back.  The deep pressure are definitely different from the lengthy strokes that Swedish massages are known for.  

Here is a shot of our group of mom-bloggers.
Thanks to Janine and Jay, owners of  Nuat Thai Libis, for the hosting this Mother's Day spa Treatment!
Photos in this post from Michelle of My Mom-Friday

2nd Flr, 90 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Libis, QC across Shopwise and above RCBC and Allied Bank
Phone:  4775004

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