Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ipanema Flip-Flop Love

I live in flip-flops.  I am thankful that I live in a country where it is flip-flop season the whole year round.  I am all for the comfort it gives me, but yet I also look for fashionable designs.  Ipanema, one of Brazil's most fashionable footwear brand, is one of my favorite flip-flop brand for several years now.  I like that it is not limited to just thong slippers; there are a variety of designs available to suit my design fancy.  Ipanema provide new twists to traditional sandals with various combinations of slip-ons, high-heeled wedges, sexy thongs, printed soles, vibrant colors and elaborate 3D designs.  

It is much to my enjoyment that Ipanema Philippines introduced new designs during the recently concluded 2011 Philippine Fashion Week.  It is just the perfect time as I had just been declared as one of the lucky recipients of an Ipanema Gift Check courtesy of My Mom-Friday's Big Anniversary Blow-out!  Lucky, lucky ME! :)

I have been busy choosing, and here are some of my favorite designs:

I am the type who wants all the options laid out before me, and sometimes I can't do that because some designs simply run out of stock fast.  If you share my dilemma, then you can view the entire collection on their webpage.  You will be further delighted to know that Ipanema also has an online store where you can view the entire collection and make a purchase at

I can't wait to go to the mall this weekend to finally get my hands feet on these buttery soft slippers.  It is the perfect way to end summer!

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