Monday, August 15, 2011

Dressing A Tween For A Party

J attended her first 18th birthday party a few Sundays ago.  One of the girls from her swim team recently turned 18, and the all the girls on the team surprised the celebrant with a well-rehearsed dance number, choreographed by one of the swimmers.   J was excited, to say the least!  Imagine, going to an adult party with her friends - and doing a dance number pa.:)  

We both know that we wanted her to look nice; She wanted to NOT look like a little girl, but not too grown-up, either.  While I know I wanted to NOT buy her a new dress. Haha!  So in the end, we agreed she should just look sweet.:)

J's outfit for an 18th bday party

Vero Moda cotton dress, TopShop ballerina shoes, Dolce Gabbana shoulder strap handbag, Mango belt

After days of mixing and matching, we finally agreed on a hand-me down bubble dress (given to her when my younger sister cleaned out her closet just a few months earlier).  Hurray for fashionable Aunties!   

The pink wrap-around belt and the aqua blue bag are borrowed from my closetJust to disclose, I purchased the bag from a Mango sale about ten years ago, and I never got to use it because when I got home I found the aqua color too trendy and youthful.  It's just great that my daughters can now make good use of it.

Here is our photo booth pic:

I am sure this is just the first of numerous youth parties that she will be invited to, and I am even more sure that she will be asking me for help to choose her outfits.  I just hope that I can teach her that dressing well doesn't mean wearing the trendiest clothes.  The only requirements for dressing well (at any age) is first: to make sure your clothes fit; second, to be Neat and Clean.  Having said that, I can only pray that she learns to be content with choosing from her existing clothes, or learn to creatively shop from my closet. Because having a shopaholic daughter is the last thing I want!:)

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