Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wishful Thinking: {Wardrobe} Red Skirt

My thoughts have been incessantly interrupted with billows of red, shifting swirls of crimson, episodic weaves of scarlet... I must have a red skirt. And it must be soon! Not just one, but plenty enough to wear for each day of the week!

Prim and proper for Sunday church and lunch with the family...

Very European chic noh? To be donning a full skirt and riding a bicycle...

If my legs were this long and lean, I'd be wearing this, too...

This is my favorite... a rolled up classic l/s button down with a slim skirt.

A nautical spin on the red skirt

Lovely outfit for lunch with friends

And it doesn't always have to be white and red; sometimes, you can be bold and throw in tangerine, too...

... or black, if that's what the mood catches you

A nice ensemble can still be nicer - if you have George Clooney beside you.:)

Join me wear a red skirt?

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