Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Kitchen by Chef Chris

We first tasted Chef Chris' famous panizza when we went took the kids on a Pampanga Food Trip a few years back.  Since then, quite a few copycats have added this to their menu.  But for me, nothing beats the original, so when we learned that Chef Chris opened a new resto in Manila, C was quite overjoyed.  He first tried it with his college friends a few months back, and couldn't wait to return with us.  So we did finally last Sunday.
My Kitchen by Chef Chris is located near Paco Park, as the in-house restaurant of Oasis Hotel.  
We went straight after church, and were the first customers seated.  But pretty soon, big groups of families came and the place was packed by 12 noon.
Here's what we had for starters:
A complimentary bread plate with pesto/olive oil dip started our meal. I love European crusty breads, if C did not remind me to not stuff myself with the bread to make room for the food we ordered, I could've easily asked for a second serving.

KRISTINA PANIZZA bacon, ham, caramelized onion, sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms. PhP780.00

VERENA Panizza. Tomato and white truffle oil enhanced cheese sauce topped with scallop, prawns and sun dried tomatoes. PhP790.00

Filling up a slice with arugula, alfalfa sprouts (a sprinkle of chilli oil, if you want some heat) and rolling it all up into one tiny bundle of gastronomic joy.

Chef Chris was there during our Sunday lunch, dropping by our table twice to check on how we were enjoying the food. We shared with him how delighted we are that his culinary creations are now a convenient drive away.  

Here are the entrees we ordered:

RISOTTO POLLO E FUNGI. Pan roasted chicken fillet and assorted mushrooms blend to perfection in parmesan butter risotto with fresh herbs. PhP650.00.  The risotto was wiped out as soon as it was placed on our table.  The arborio rice was cooked to perfection, creamy but with a firm bite.

SPAGHETTI CARBONARA. Parmesan cream sauce with bacon, mushrooms. PhP650.00 

CHEF CHRIS FAMOUS WHOLE SLOW ROASTED CHICKEN. Seasoned with lemon, white wine and olive oil presented over aromatic chorizo pilaf garnished with roasted carrots, pumpkin and spring garlic. PhP1250.00 – good for 4 to 6 persons.  This one is very good, with the very flavorful and tender chicken meat falling off the bone. The siding of roasted squash was something new for me.  I hope to recreate this chicken dish in my kitchen one of these days. :)

BISTECCA. US prime angus flank steak with rosemary garlic marinade presented on oven baked potato slices and macedoine of olive oil roasted carrots, pumpkin and Italian broccoli. PhP1800.00 (500gr/18oz) – good for 2 to 5 person 
I've been spoiled with U.S. Black Angus rib-eye, so flank steak doesn't quite do it for me.  To add to it, we had ours medium well, since we had the kids with us; this resulted with the meat getting quite tough to eat.   C swore that the Bistecca was very good the last time he ate at My Kitchen with his friends, when he ordered the meat medium rare.  So if you are going to order this, make sure to get it medium rare.

PAN ROASTED SALMON FILLET WITH VIN SANTO BUTTER SAUCE bedded on lentils with Italian broccoli and golden fried potatoes PhP770.00 

All in all, it was a good dining experience.  Chef Chris has his signature all over the place; when he was not busy in the kitchen, he was in the dining area making sure everything was perfect for his guests.  The staff were attentive to our needs, without hovering. We will be back!

Oasis Park Hotel
1032-34 Belen Street
Paco, Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 521-2371 to 75

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