Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What's In My Cart

As much as I can, I try to rotate grocery shopping to at least three of my favorite groceries. Most often, this is when I get to discover items which become family favorites. I'd like to share with you what I put in my cart recently when I did my grocery-shopping at S & R.

Classico and Bertolli Brand of creamy alfredo sauce is always a must-buy. The kids love it when I toss in some mushrooms, freshly grated peppercorns, a generous sprinkle of grated pecorino-romano and parmesan cheeses, and finally a few drops of truffle oil. When I am out of time to prepare merienda for them, this is always a life-saver. My kids adore me because the sauce is so good that it gives the impression like I slaved in the kitchen.
The California Sunshine milk tastes just like the milk from the US... because as the label says: it is "REAL California Milk." :) It is creamier and less sweet than the Real Fresh or Cow Head brand, which I also buy.
Zanuy Soft Tacos is a perfect stand-by for the days when my kids crave for seven-layer dip.

And since I have a carniverous family, my grocery bill always racks up because of beef, beef, beef, and even more beef. Don't take me wrong, my kids love and eat generous servings of veggies; but because they are all involved in a sport that requires endurance, I need to make sure that they are eating enough protein to sufficiently aid their muscle development, most especially as they get into their adolescent years.

We regularly have steak nights, and usually, it is C who buys the steaks. But there are times when I feel like he goes crazy over the top when he is at Santi's on a steak shopping spree. Yes! Hard to believe, but it has happened so many times already! In an amount so crazy that it sometimes causes minor arguments between us.

I have been buying Meltique Beef during my last three visits to S & R. A box of five individually shrink-wrapped steaks only costs P1,599.95, so roughly about P320.00 for a slice. C is none the wiser because the marbling and the taste is consistent. Not bad at all. I have since resorted to making sure the freezer has a constant supply so whenever he asks if he needs to buy, my reply nowadays usually is, "there's still some." That will make sure his Santi's visit are far and few in between. :)

And because you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, here are some not-so healthy grocery choices that C made....

He just loves the choices of imported beers. He grabs a pack whenever we visit. It is not pictured here, but Stella Artois is also a fave, both his and mine; although I only can drink half a bottle of it. hehehe!:)
Microwavable chicharon! His food porn!

I know I have said countless of times that I limit canned goods, but I ease up sometimes and let them enjoy Delimondo's Corned Beef. My boys both love, love, love this. I limit serving this to about once every quarter. Yah, I know - Nazi!
I am not a coffee-drinker so I do not really go crazy for the frapuccinos of Starbucks, save for their Green Tea Frap. But my kids and husband love the Starbucks Vanilla and Coffee Frap that comes in a bottle. Ready to drink for whenever they feel like it!

How about you, what did you put in your grocery cart recently?
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