Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What's In My Cart: My Favorite Pancake Mix

One of my family's favorite breakfast food is pancakes. They love it when it is piled this high and layered with maple syrup, whipped cream cheese, and bacon.  Scrumptious!
There is no shame in admitting that I use a pancake mix.  When I prepare breakfast, time is usually of the essence, especially if the family want to sit down and eat together on the table before C leaves for the office.  With a pancake mix, I just add egg, water and oil, and pancakes are served in no time. 

I have tried almost all the pancake mixes available in the market.  For a long time, I've been a loyal Pillsbury user, and then I shifted to Magnolia Pancake Mix.  I prefer to add my own eggs so I do not buy the one-step pancake mix, where all you have to add is water.  Between the two brands, my kids like Magnolia better, but I found it a bit too sweet for my taste.

We have tried the imported mixes like Betty Crocker and Krusteaz, but we did not find the flavor and texture outstanding; plus the gigantic boxes they came in made storing them in the pantry a hassle. 

After testing almost all the brands available, our family have found our favorite: MAYA Original Hotcake Mix.  As they claim in the package, it is really fluffy and tasty.  The 500-gram box comes with 2 plastic packets inside, but we are a family of big eaters so the entire box is just right for my family of five, with no leftovers.

And because the bacon bits really did make me happy today, here's a recipe I got from the web for Pancakes with Bacon, Whipped Cream Cheese, and Maple Syrup
  • Pancake mix
  • bacon, cut up to bits
  • 4 ozs. cream cheese, cubed and at room temperature
  • 2 tbsps all purpose cream
  • maple syrup, or if not available from your grocery, any pancake syrup
1.follow package directions

{Bacon Bits:}
1.Cook bacon bits in a non-stick pan without putting oil.  Cook until the bacon has rendered its own fat and the bacon bits are nicely brown.
2.Drain oil, and put on kitchen towels to take out excess oil 
3.Let cool.

{Whipped Cream Cheese}
1.Whisk together cream cheese and cream until light and airy.    

Assemble in layers and enjoy!