Monday, April 1, 2013

BYS Make-up 101

As a mom to three active kids, I rarely have time for long beauty treatments, nor a daily full-on beauty regimen. My daily make-up routine usually lasts all of 10 minutes: tinted moisturizer with SPF, powder, blush, gloss! I normally just tie my long hair up in a bun to get things moving along faster. 

But coming from a recent make-up 101class, I realized that taking an effort to fix myself up offers me an extra dose of happy in an otherwise regular day.
A few weeks ago, I was invited for a make-up training session hosted by BYS Cosmetics. I was daunted to find myself face to face with this huge box full of make-up. I am not a make-up junkie, so seeing all these beauty products in one place really overwhelmed me.
I came out of the session feeling more confident of my newly-found make-up skills.   Here is a step by step on how to put on make-up that will surely get you compliments. 

1. PRIMER. Apply primer to entire face, and let set for 1 minute.
2. LIQUID FOUNDATION. The BYS matte liquid foundation is perfect for oily skin as it offers coverage without the extra moisture. An extra thirty seconds is well-spent to make sure that you blend the foundation carefully.
3. LOOSE POWDER. To make sure that make-up stays on longer, set it by sweeping some powder with a kabuki brush.
4. EYEBROWS. Fill in brows with an angled brush and some powder. Personally, this step is so important for me as they bring my face out
4. BRONZER. Bronzer is used to contour the face and gives it a radiant, luminous glow.  Apply on the side of the face; on the forehead, near the hairline; sides of the bridge of the nose to give illusion of height.
5. BLUSHER. Apply on the cheeks to provide a natural, long-lasting highlight to cheekbones.
6. EYELINER. Use a shade of warm brown as it is less harsh looking than black. Line upper lid, and finish by curling the eyelashes.
7. EYESHADOW and MASCARA. Using soft, gentle strokes, add neutral colored eyeshadow first to act as the base; follow with a darker shade on the crease; finish by adding a very light eyeshadow (or some loose powder will do) on the browbone.  This will serve to clean-up theyour eyes and give the illusion of .  If you have time to spare, swipe mascara one or two times on upper lashes.
8. LIPS. Apply a tinted lip balm for the day, or a long-wearing lipstick for special events.
And now, anytime I feel lazy and pressed for time, all I just have to do is look at my before and after pics to convince myself that a few added minutes to my morning routine can spell the difference between frumpy and fabulous.:)

The BYS swag bag.  Complete with all the essentials!
BYS Cosmetics is an Australian cosmetics brand which has recently made its way into the Philippine market. I love the BYS Minerals Naturale line. Their mineral make-up is formulated with all-natural ingredients free of chemicals, dyes, preservatives and talc.  BYS mineral products are quick and easy to apply, and provide a complete, smooth, natural coverage in just one step.

Another standout from BYS is its line of Baked Cosmetics . The Baked Bronzers and Blushers are made with a formula that keeps oiliness and moisture at bay and hides impurities. Texture is ultra silky and may be used wet for thicker coverage and dry for a more natural, lighter effect. 

BYS is a new affordable cosmetic line in the Philippines now available in 26 selected SM and Watson’s outlets in Metro Manila and a few key cities like Cebu. 
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