Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Phenomenal Tip: DIY Light Switch Dress-Up with Washi Tape

There’s something about simple projects that makes me really happy! I have purchased several rolls of washi tapes the past month, and they've all just been sitting idly.  I intend to do some crafts with the kiddos using washi tape, but since we have not gotten around to agreeing on what to do yet, I just went on ahead and got crafty yesterday afternoon - by myself!  

Oh how fun it was to just have some time to do crafts by myself!  When it comes to crafting, I usually supervise the 2 younger kids, so I do not technically do crafts, instead I watch over them as they do the project.  This is one fun project to do when you're one crafty momma who doesn't have a lot of free time on your hands.

Doing this lightswitch dress-up with washi tape took me less than 5 minutes, from taking off the switch plate to finally putting it back up.  Really!  It is that easy.  The only materials you need are:  washi tape and scissors.

1.  Remove plates from the wall  using a metal spatula or scissors.

2.  Choose washi tape to match the theme of the room.  The girls' room is painted a combination of citron and aquamarine.  So I chose my teal colored washi tape for this project.

3.   Make sure to apply tapes in straight line.
4.  In addition, make sure the patterns are lined up against each other.
5.  Cut tape with scissors when you reach the ends and tuck it under the back of the plate.

6.  When you reach the corners, simply cut along the edge.

7.  Then tuck one part in.

8.  The other remaining part, you cut diagonally before you tuck in. 
9.  Makes for a clean finish!
10.  Put back plates.  Step back and admire your handiwork!  

You can view more washi-taped light switches right here