Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Create & Celebrate Colors with Crayola

I remember when swimming did not rule my kids' world, our summers and weekends were full of arts and crafts. We did painting, tie-dyed shirts, origami, etc. Our go to brand for almost all our art materials is Crayola. My girls love their glitter crayons and their colored pencils in metallic colors.
Just recently, my kids and I were invited by AMSPEC, the makers of T-Pencils and also the licensed manufacturer of Crayola in Asia, to an afternoon of creating and celebrating colors.  The kids had a wonderful time at Gymboree in Shangri-la Mall.

While the younger kids were busy on the activity mat, the older kids were also kept busy with drawing and various craft projects.

The pigments used for Crayola are imported from the US, and even the labels of the crayons are made from non-toxic soya inks.  Parents with toddlers don't have to worry too much about their kids putting their crayons inside their mouths, since all the materials that goes through each AMSPEC product have undergone rigorous testing procedures, and have been tested and certified to be child-friendly and toxin-free.

My kids occasionally get pencils as party give-aways; but I noticed that they easily break.  It was explained during the event that this was because the lead from substandard ones are not consistently centered in the middle of the wood; thus, likely to break while being sharpened.  It's good to know that with T-Pencils I do not have to worry about that anymore. 

Use the smell test to see if the T-Pencils are genuine AMSPEC products and thus, kid safe.  Original T-Pencils should smell of cedar wood.

It's the little man's first day of school today, and his pencil case is filled with T-Pencils and Crayola Crayons, which I bought from the bookstore even before this event.  We go through several boxes of pencils in a year (3 kids!), so I am happy that I now have almost a year's supply of pencils to sharpen.  And, that is the Tutor-Mom in me talking!:)

  Group shot with the other SoMoms.