Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Blanca de China Lifestyle Spa

If you are often in San Juan, chances are you've seen this all-white structure as it stands out among the establishments lining P. Guevarra because of its stark white interiors which can be viewed through its wide glass walls. It's the home of Blanca de China, a new lifestyle spa which offers services for face, nails and body.

The place is immaculately decorated in white; which makes the place look so chic, calming and sanitary.  Here I am sitting on this fancy chair in the receiving as I fill-up the client info sheet. 

Even if the place is all-white, it doesn't look clinical; in fact, it feels like visiting a friend's thoughtfully decorated house.

Can you already imagine yourself sitting in this fantabulous chair having a mani-pedi?

They have 4 private rooms on the second floor, and 1 on the ground floor.  The photo below shows the couple's room.

The room shown below is where I had my facial.  My facialist hands were light and the treatment was very relaxing.  That coupled with the soothing piped-in music made me feel so light-headed.  I availed of the porcelain facial, and several machines were wheeled in and out of my room discreetly that I barely noticed.  And when treatment was done, my face was gently massaged with a facial sunblock, and I was given instructions to not wash/wet my face for 6 hours.

After my treatment, my facialist informed me that tea and snacks were prepared for me at the receiving area.  Such beautiful arrangement, noh?

The obsession with white is echoed by their meticulous standards of sterilization. They claim to be the very first spa to use the dry heat sterilization technique, the same technique used by dentists, to clean all the instruments.

Don't let the interiors intimidate you, for the rates of Blanca de China are very affordable.
 Blanca de China also accepts reservations for private sparties.

Thanks to Joanne of Blanca de China Lifestyle Spa.

Blanca de China Lifestyle Spa
259-A Ibuna corner P. Guevarra St. San Juan City.
(02)5428499 or (0927)5299425 
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