Thursday, January 23, 2014

Summer Vacation Suggestions 2014

Summer Vacation!  Two words that mean so much joy to both kids and moms who don't have to wake up early.  Yay!

In a few more weeks, summer is going to be upon us already. Soon enough, the kids will be asking, "where are we going?" Do you have a destination in mind already? 

I know where I will be taking my family this summer, and I have already started planning our itinerary. Shempre, pati itinerary DIY! My daughter, B, and I station ourselves in front of the computer as we research about our upcoming trip.  She enjoys it so much, and feels so valued that she has a say in which hotel to choose!:)

We love taking our time during trips because this allows us to stay in an area long enough for the kids to explore it until they've satisfied their natural curiosity for their surrounding. But no matter how long or short a trip is, only one thing matters: take lots of travel photos and make sure to document them in a photo album, with anecdotes if you have the time. I can't begin to tell you how much my kids and I love to re-read my previous blog post about our trips.

We went to Taiwan last 2013, but somehow I wasn't able to do a blog post about it.  But even if it's a year ago already, I feel like I want to do a catch-up post on Taiwan.  I should because we made so many wonderful memories there!

I have written in a 2009 travel post on Korea, "Being able to look at a photo and give a chuckle or to giggle uncontrollably in recollection of something... these are the travel souvenirs I wish my children would carry with them as they grow older, forever locked in their hearts. It is true that traveling creates character, tolerance, insight and confidence, but most of all it creates memories, which, hopefully, will keep us connected even when distance will later separate us.".

If you are still clueless on where you are taking your family, let me invite you to join me as I re-visit some of my travel posts. If you have young kids, the countries we've visited are perfect for them!

Our Singapore trip ranks as one of the kids' all-time fave. I couldn't blame them! We spent 8 leisurely days touring this tiny country. We took time to enjoy ALL the sights! They enjoyed this room at the Marina Bay Sands so much that they did not even want to leave the room anymore! Click here to read more about where we stayed in Singapore and how we got around.
The hotel's infinity pool was a sight to behold, especially during bright sunny mornings!
The Singapore Zoo was also another fun destination that the kids spent the entire day going around. I kid you not - an entire day! Read all about our experience at the Singapore Zoo right here.

And if you love design and architecture, you shouldn't also miss Singapore's version of Chinatown. Get this chance to observe the quaint street architecture the place offers. Colorful shophouses along Pagoda street are a visual treat and make for some beautiful photographs. Click here to view more photos of our visit to Singapore's Chinatown.

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Hong Kong is the Phenomenal Papa's favorite travel destination because he loves to eat. I have to admit that in Hong Kong, almost ALL the restaurants serve good food.  He is also a creature of habit; as such, we always stay at the Park Lane Hotel every visit.  Click here to see more of why The Phenomenal Papa loves this hotel.

But for my kids, Hong Kong offers something different. My son loves the place because it seems like he stepped right into his favorite book on transportation.  I wrote about it here: Hong Kong's Cars and Trains and Other Things That Go!

While Disneyland is home to B's favorite fairies and princesses....

The kids were all amazed at the things they saw at the Hong Kong Science Museum.  I remember how they were spellbound by this interactive museum which features hundreds of exciting hands-on exhibits that cover almost every aspect of science: light, sound, motion, electricity, solar energy, magnets, etc.  Click here to view more attractions that we visited at the Kowloon Peninsula.
B marvels at how the energy from moving air can make the ball seemingly fly... 
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We brought the kids with us to South Korea when my youngest was just 5 years old.  In the middle of winter. In sub-zero degree weather.

In this 2009 post on Korea, I wrote:  
Travelling with kids involves a lot of hard work, and there are times (like when they call for the third bathroom break of the day… and it’s only been two hours into the journey) when I really think it is more trouble than it is worth. Our schedule wasn't as flexible as our previous trips because we joined a tour group. We had to deal with early morning wake up calls and constantly turning in late at night. The long hours on the road, as we moved in and out of the cities in our travel itinerary, made them listless. There were times that I questioned our sanity, what were we thinking bringing three kids along to freezing Korea!!! The fact of the matter is the kids are out of their familiar routine so things expectedly get chaotic. I just had to learn to accept that and acknowledge the reality that I need to adjust my tolerance level to have the most wonderful time with my kids. 

South Korea was winter wonderland to my kids!  All the kids  made a dash in all directions towards the snow covered grounds, everyone wanting their own private spot in this winter heaven, curious how snow actually feels like in their hands. It was the first time my kids experienced snow, and naturally they were so curious about it.  And all parents were as quick with their cameras to capture the wonderful time the kids had in the snow.
At the romantic Nami Island

Riding down the sled at Everland
Here we are, just the two of us, at the top of Mount Sorak

Watch out for my next post as I compile my posts about our travel destinations around the Philippines.

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