Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Gingersnaps: Fashion for Kids

Gingersnaps has always been one of our favorite clothing brands.  My girls, most especially, grew up wearing Gingersnaps.  My girls have Gingersnaps dresses where both of them could wear it at the same time even if they are 2-4 sizes apart because they could alternate wearing it as dresses and tunics.  I could extend the life of the dresses by a few more years because of this.  Photo below shows my daughter's all time favorite Gingersnaps dress (which she has been wearing for several years now) which she now wears as a tunic.
My oldest has just moved up to their Just G line (for teens) a few years ago.  There are always a LOT of cute designs for both boys and girls, that we always end up buying something whenever we go in the store.

When I was invited to watch the fashion show of Gingersnaps AND bring along my kids, I knew I had to say yes to that.  I know my not-so-li'l girl would be thrilled to watch the fashion show of one of her favorite clothing brands.

The invite for the fashion show also came with a super generous offer for my kids get to choose any Gingersnaps outfit of their choice!!! My li'l girl was excited beyond words!  We went to their store at Shangrila Plaza to choose an outfit for each of my younger kids.

B excitedly chose several outfits to try on, but sadly, she is in-between sizes.  There were outfits that she really loved but couldn't fit her anymore, and the clothes at Just G were still too big for her.  Look at the dreamy Gingersnaps dresses in vibrant summer colors!
The gold sequined shorts at Just G looks adorable; if only it weren't that short, I would have bought one for myself!:)

In the end, B finally chose one of their toothpick jeans, and she paired it with an adorable owl tee.  She found the fit of the jeans comfortable, and wanted to buy in all colors.:)

My li'l man had no problem choosing at all.  He was game to wear a coral pair of denim (shown below) but it wasn't available in his size anymore, so we just looked for another pair in his size.  Typical of any boy his age, he asked while fitting his clothes, "Can dad and I go buy Legos when I am done choosing because I didn't give you a hard time?"  O sige na nga.:)

Watch out for my post on the Gingersnaps Fashion show coming soon!  Overload of cuteness in that one!