Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Footnotes

Last weekend started early for me  because my girls had their last day of classes mid-week.  It is officially summer!  We had to celebrate that, of course!  We went to UP Town Center and had lunch at Dulcelin and sweets at Cafe Shibuya.

On Friday, I was at Greenhills Promenade to meet up with some friends for lunch, but I was too early and so I went around the mall first.  I love going inside Gourdo's because I always love looking (and buying) the home pieces they offer.  This time around I saw some Martha Stewart craft supplies.  I am sure all the crafters are going to be crazy happy with this.  They also have DIY party essentials like gift bags, pom-poms, paper lanterns, paper loot bags, etc. Go visit, you will find so many items to fall in love with.
Everytime I go in Gourdo's, I make it a point to look at their plain white plates.  Look at the tea sets in theri store vignette... pwedeng English high tea, pwede din Chinese dimsum and tea.
Soon, it was time to meet up with friends, so I headed to Cowrie Grill.

All week long my little girl has been looking forward to this Saturday when we were invited to preview CCA's Young Chefs Boot Camp program for budding chefs aged 5-16 years old.  They were both enthusiastic about experiencing CCA's grand kitchen.  More about this in a separate blogpost.

This is the first time I took a selfie in church... actually the first time that everyone in church took a selfie all at the same time.  Pastor Joby Soriano invited everyone to take out our phonecams and take a selfie as sort of like an ice-breaker... hahaha! As a backgrounder, we are in the middle of our book of Genesis series, and last Sunday's topic was about the Tower of Babel and how the Lord gave different languages to confuse the people in the midst of their construction of this tower.  If you didn't know, "selfie" won as last year's "word of the year" ... do you get the connection to the activity?:)
I haven't seen this good friend of mine for months, such good timing that we sat next to each other in church...
I took my "selfie" with her.
Sunday lunch with the family was at the Summer Palace of EDSA Shangri-la Hotel.  My kids love their dimsum offerings.  If you follow me on Instagram, you must have seen that prior to ordering lunch, my kids already stuffed themselves full with dimsum.  Here's some of the food we ordered:
That's about my weekend, how was yours?