Friday, June 13, 2014

#BetterMe: Investing In The Next 5 to 10 Years

As women, we are naturally nurturing and part of our innate desire to nurture is putting our family's needs first, and our personal needs last.  When I became a wife and then a mom, my priorities slowly started shifting from my own needs to that of my family.  I didn't notice it immediately, but one day I just realized that I am caught up with all the demands of being a wife, a mom, and a homemaker that I began neglecting myself.

That is why I am thankful that Coach Pia and The One Core Team are always available for the SoMoms.
One of the benefits of being part of the SoMoms is that I have access to #BetterMe sessions hosted by life coach Pia Acevedo.

The topic of the last session I attended was Investing in The Next 5 to 10 Years. I initially thought it was a financial literacy session; but it turned out to be an investment guide to the most important investment - ourselves!
So how exactly can we invest in ourselves?  Simple. By making our personal dreams happen. As moms, do you still have your own dreams? Or are your dreams anchored on your kids achievements? It is important that we do not lose focus on ourselves as individuals so we can be our own hero.

This part of the session was based on Coach Pia's book, Born To Be A Hero.  But first, let me explain Coach Pia's definition of heroism:  it is our capacity to give of ourselves with all the talent, skills, enthusiasim we have for life.

To be our own Hero, we should learn to invest in our own personal growth.  More often than not, our personal development comes after our spouse and kids.  To be our own HERO, we should have an understanding of the following:
1. Success begins with ME, but it is not about me.
2. I should be comfortable with the decisions that I make.
3. Have the ability to verbalize my feelings and know the reason behind them.
4. Have the abiliyt to open up my feelings even if it means showing vulnerability.
5. Work without seeking recognition.

Part of being a Hero is to be able to articulate our needs without feeling guilty. This is a problems for us moms since we usually put ourselves last.  We should re-set our minds to think that if we take care of ourselves, then we can take better care of our families
1. Always remind yourself there is no doubt you were born a hero.
2. Practice ability to articulate your needs without feeling guilty.
3. Have a willingness to simplify and get down to basics.
4. Speak to people you can gain from because wisdom is exponential.
5. Always define your greatness from within.
6.  Genuine greatness does not put you in the center of attention.

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