Tuesday, June 10, 2014

{Weekend Footnotes} Stella Wood Fired Bistro . Mamou Too . 8 Cuts Burger Blends . Cafe Shibuya

Weekends are met with great anticipation in my family because it is usually the time when we eat out - a lot! My food-fest started last Friday when some of the SoMoms got invited by the people behind Meat & Livestock Australia and S&R for a pre-Father's Day luncheon for us to sample imported Australian beef.
Neva of ManilaMommy, Me, Michelle of My Mom-Friday, Jackie of Go Jackie Go.  Thanks Jackie for the photo.:)

The special 4-course menu was specially crafted by the chefs of Stella Wood Fired Bistro to showcase the flavors of Australian beef.
S&R has this great offer to make sure all the DADS gets a bellyful of their favorite Australian beef for the FAther's Day month of June.

Last Sunday was another opportunity to listen and learn. Are you a giver or a receiver?  Which role do you enjoy more? I am glad that as Christians we are always both a giver and a receiver!  This is so because in God's economy we are always BLESSED TO BLESS. 
And the blessings that we receive and give out are not always material blessings... words of appreciation and encouragement, a hand stretched out in forgiveness and reconciliation, a testimony of a live lived consistently in Christ-likeness, the gift of our time, a listening ear. We give us freely as we receive!

What a way to live the message as we were immediately the recipients of the wonderful blessing of having the chance to meet up with one of my husband's good friend from college.  Marie has been C's barkada since their La Salle days. She is now based in the US with her husband and kids, and we know that they have a tight schedule of meeting up with family and other friends during their short stay in Manila.  Marie and JV, I am extremely thankful that you've made the effort to meet with us.  You know C, and so you know how he appreciates that so much!:)

Sunday lunch was at Mamou Too! at the Power Plant Mall.
Here's what we ordered:

I also finally used the bag that hubby gave me last year.  I put off using it for the longest time because I find it so big; that is until he noticed that he hasn't seen me use it yet.  So he finally asked me to use it last Sunday.

B wanted to look around at Thomas Sabo for bracelet charms to add to her collection.  She has just received her incentive for her academic excellence given by our Chinese family association.  And I promised her that she can spend the money whichever way she wanted.

C has been wanting to try out 8 Cuts Burger Blends for the longest time, and so we finally did last Sunday dinner.  I was too overwhelmed with what my family ordered... R alone ordered a double beef patty for the first round, and then ordered another burger after.
The burgers are freshly ground, custom blended and seared to order.  I wasn't able to take photos of the burgers individually because they each grabbed heir burgers faster than I can take a snap.  The onion rings was also very good according to C.  Of course, I can expect my carnivorous brood to want to return soon!

Although C was looking for draft beers, he was happy that imported beers are available here.

The kids wanted to have dessert at Cafe Shibuya, and I was like, "What???  You still have room for dessert?"  But since it was the last weekend of summer, sige pagbigyan na!

Feel so full just recalling the weekend events!  Till the next weekend! Remember, we are #BlessedToBless.

Ground Floor Level, Bonifacio
High Street Central, Bonifacio
Global City, Taguig, Philippines
(+632) 621-3222

Mamou Too
L R1 148A, Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Makati City
(+632) 822-6218 / (+63917) 806-2668

Ground Floor, UP Town Center 
Katipunan Ave, Quezon City 
(+63917) 818-2139 / (+632) 955-2264 

Cafe Shibuya
Ground Floor, UP Town Center
Katipunan Ave., Quezon City
(+632) 722-2237