Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer In Full Swing 2014

Summer's stretched out days and golden sunsets are soon departing. In the meantime, I hope to enjoy what is left of it and reminisce on the good times that we've had for the past few months  School opening will soon be upon us! Seems like summer flew by so fast. I am not yet ready for my kids to go back to school I will miss the kids - their noisy bickering, their endless laughter, our kitchen adventures... so many more. I will also miss sleeping in, and I don’t think I am ready to go back to being a tutor –mom just yet.

One of the things we really love to do is spend time outdoors with the kids. There are days when we think that the sun and wind conspire with the kids to bring everyone outside... the sun proudly displays it's golden rays, while the wind coaxes us with its gentle breeze. what is there to do, but accept this generous invitation!:)
This place is usually empty on Sunday afternoons, so we pretty much have the entire place to ourselves.  We don't have to worry about cars on the road while the kids are riding their bikes.
or their scooters.... however way they might want to ride their scooters! hahaha!
Whenever we take the kids to go biking, C brings our handy air pump along... which my Li'l man converted into a make-believe pogo stick.
...or something with which to irritate his sister as he runs around after her while she is riding the bike.
We noticed that with R no activity is ever really fun until it involves B.  Here he is busy making an obstacle course daw so B can master maneuvering her bike.  Ang kulit!
It did rain while we were there, we just took shelter in the car and it quickly stopped in a few minutes; the kids were able to quickly resume biking and riding their scooters.
I just remembered this post from 5 years ago, and realized that it is good that some things never change. This is the same place we still love to visit. Look at how tiny all the kids are!
There were days during the vacation that I would force myself to reflect if I made a conscious effort to make my kids's summer memorable for them. Was I able to give them the most generous gift of my time, attention and patience?

I feel so happy looking at these photos that I took during the course of the summer.  Most of them were taken in my bedroom, and I feel so happy that my 2 younger kids still want to "hang" in my room.  Soon they will be teenagers who will want some independence and more alone time.

Littlest Pets made a comeback here.

The night-time trek to our bathroom can be "dangerous," and should come with a warning: "Proceed With Caution!"... Lego mini-figs were all over our bedroom floor

The Li'l Man had been doing some "DIY bedroom renovation" as he converted his train mat into a wall poster.
It is true what they say that for full-time home-makers, we are often times so busy with making sure the house runs efficiently that we forget to have fun with the kids.  I am occasionally guilty of that; but I am lucky that C constantly reminds me that my kids' memories are not made with how I drove them around for their swimming training, or how tired I am from preparing the most delicious dinner. He tells me memories will always be about the fun and happy experiences.

I keep that in mind, and there are days that I indulge their whims and caprices! So when the li'l girl says she wants a picnic on our rooftop, she gets a picnic...
... complete with picnic mats and a tent!  All made out of retasos, but she couldn't care less.  All she could say was that it was magical!

Hope you enjoyed a peek into what made our summer delightful. How about you? What are some of your memorable summer moments?