Monday, July 7, 2014

{Weekend Footnotes} Relish Hello Happiness + Ramen Daisho + WichitaThinkOfDis BBQ Ribs + DIY Oreo Nutella Brownie Cups

You know the drill by now... my Weekend Footnotes post can only mean a scrumptious round-up of restaurants and home-cooked goodness.  Get ready for the photo overload!
Last Friday, J and I were invited to an intimate gathering to celebrate a mish-mash of events - victory party / prom / despedida of sorts. Since J had to attend her swim training first, it was a good thing the venue was quite near us. We had to rush right after her training and got there at 7:45pm, just in time before dinner started. It is my third time at RELISH Hello Happiness; and as usual, their food did not disappoint.  The roast chicken was especially flavorful and tender that I just had to go back for seconds. The butter rum cake and chocolate fudge cake was also so good that I had to control myself from getting another slice.

B, our resident scientist-in-training, was torn between joining the culinary club this year and the gifted science club.  She had to think doubly hard because she has always loved baking, but the science club is a by-invitation only club.  To make it easier for her to decide, I told her to just accept the science club invitation, and I promised her a one-on-one baking/cooking session twice a month. Win-Win!

For our first baking project, she chose to do brownies loaded with all of her favorites!

Here are her creations, all in a row!  An overload of chocolate goodness.  She was so excited to share it with her lunch-mate buddies in school for the coming Monday.

Brownie cups with Oreo in Blueberry creme.

Double Oreo and Nutella Brownie Cup

We had the yummiest ribs this side of town Saturday night, thanks to WichitaThinkOfDis.  Their fall off the bone tender slab of premium pork BBQ ribs was so good.

Sunday gave us another beautiful message by Pastor Peter.  In our everyday lives, a lot of things can irritate and upset us. In my case, what upsets me most is when it is study time and the kids can't seem to concentrate on the task, or when R would grumble when asked to review for a test.  Pastor Peter shared that if faced with a circumstance where patience and character is put to a test, it is best to RESPOND, and NOT REACT.

What is the difference between the tow? To react is to give in to an impulsive action. To respond is to give out a carefully considered action. Learn to respond and not simply react. In order for us to be able to do this, we should learn how to PRAY. 
Like everyone else, I always start out with the best intentions, but sometimes circumstances are beyond my control, and I tend to react rather than respond.  The PRAY acronym is another reminder which would serve me well.  Another applicable take-away from last Sunday's worship.

C had long wanted to try Ramen Daisho, and last Sunday lunch he decided that it was time to give it a go. We went straight there after Sunday worship, and the place was still free from the Sunday lunch crowd.  We easily got a table and ordered right away.  Good thing because 30 minutes after, the people came one after the other.
We all loved what we ordered.  We love that the restaurant manager was Japanese, and that a lot of the customers are Japanese.  A sure sign that the restaurant is indeed good!

My little kitchen helper has been bugging me to make sushi and onigiri for weeks now, so last Sunday, I finally gave in and the both of us prepared a Japanese dinner for the family

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When I posted the brownie cup photo on IG, I got a lot of messages requesting for the recipe for the OREO Nutella Brownie Cups, so I am sharing it with all of you. It is so easy that even your kids can do it on their own with minimal assistance. You can use your favorite brownie batter for this, but just remember to lessen the baking time.  I baked mine for 15 -18 minutes.

1. Line muffin tins with cupcake liner and put Oreo
2. scoop out a teaspoon of Nutellla
3. top with another Oreo
4. top with brownie batter
5. bake in pre-heated oven.  Follow your favorite brownie recipe instruction, but lessen the baking time.

Till the next weekend!  Enjoy the week.:)

Relish Hello Happiness
74 Sct Limbaga, Bgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City
(02) 352-5492

WitchitaThinkOfDis BBQ Ribs
For orders:0918 508 3978

Ramen Daisho
Unit 2, Sunshine Square, Liberty Center, 312 Shaw Blvd.
Mandaluyong, Philippines
(02)7740036 & (02)6332280