Tuesday, July 8, 2014

OREO & Transformers: Better Together

All my kids love OREO! Even the biggest kid of all, which is my husband.:) So when OREO got me, as well as the other SoMoms, as brand collaborator, I just knew there was going to be line-up of fun activities!

Just 2 Fridays ago, my whole family was invited by OREO for the trade launch and special screening of Transformers: Age of Extinction at the Resorts World Cinema.  Here are some of the early SoMoms enjoying the photo booth with BumbleBee and Optimus Prime.
Me, with Mish, Thammie and Neva

It's my family's first time to watch at Newport Cinemas at Resort World, and the experience was made all the more fun with the overflowing OREO desert buffet, the popcorn, hotdog sandwich, and cold drinks.  As you can clearly see in the photo below, our snack trays are full. hahaha!
 Look at the offerings of elaborate OREO dessert buffet at the cinema lobby!
 My girls, especially B who has a sweet tooth, kept coming back for more.

Weeks before the actual screening, my two boys were already looking forward to watching the movie.  My son has grown up loving the movie franchise, partly because his dad is a big Transformers fan.

We came in expecting the worse because we heard a lot of bad reviews about it; but we actually found the movie entertaining.  They could have put in more work on the characters' dialogue, but if you overlook that, the movie still has the the eloborate explosions and remarkable visual effects that we have come to expect from a Transformers movie.  Overall, my family and I had a lot of fun watching the movie with each other.

I love that the movie doesn't stereotype girls as being damsels in distress, waiting to be rescued, even if the daughter in the movie was portrayed as one.  The character of Li BingBing, as the head of the Chinese manufacturing plant that produces the artificial robots, shows my young and impressionable daughters another side of modern femininity. While she was always dressed in fashionable clothes throughout the movie, she was also shown to be on equal footing with men, and could fight alongside them.  She even had the chance to rescue the inventor of the artificial robots. That is the kind of empowered woman my girls should be seeing a lot of. :)

My friend, Michelle, and I won the raffle and we took home a bag filled with our favorite OREOs.
Say hello to two new flavors: Prime Berry Creme and Action Fruit Creme.  
Cool blue Prime Berry Creme in the delicious Blueberry Ice Cream flavor and the Action Fruit Creme flavor with the unique taste of Orange Ice Cream are available in leading supermarkets at a limited time only

The kids love the Prime Berry Creme, and we have already used it as an ingredient when we made brownies over the past weekend.

The vanilla and chocolate flavors are still available, and are the favorite of my husband and R.  While B and her friends love the Prime Berry Creme.  OREO has been the kids' recess baon the whole week now, and their friends couldn't thank them enough for it.:)  

Let me share with you that OREO just launched http://oreotransformers4.com/ where your kids can play the OREO Lab Grab game, and get a chance to win an experience of a lifetime: an all-expense paid trip for 4 to Universal Studios, Hollywood!!! 

NOW, to tell you more about how to get a chance to win instant prizes AND an experience of a lifetime! All you need to do is simply play the OREO Transformers Lab Grab.

The contest will run from June 10-August 25, 2014. Just go to http://oreotransformers4.com/ph/en/game
and follow the prompts for the mechanics of the game.

Aside from the the Lab Grab game, OREO also has an iPhone app that you can download, the OreoDIT (Do It Together) app.

Because Oreo wants to support families in choosing each other over varied distractions in life and encourage family togetherness, they are bringing the OreoDIT! This app supports families in spending more time together by suggesting fun activities every week to complete as a family. Download this from the Apple app store now!

As you can see, OREO wants everyone to stay #Better Together!