Friday, July 11, 2014

My Blessings Roll Call

Did you even realize that we've been two months into the school year? Half a year has gone by, just like that! Half the year is done, and there's a long list of things to be thankful for.
Do you often pause to say thanks for what you have in life? Having my husband and kids safely home at night is one of the top things I am thankful for.  I feel blessed that the kids are doing well, and that they have not given me any heartaches - yet.:)  I am happy with their accomplishments, even if I know that there are kids who are more sociable, students who are smarter, athletes who are better. I am content and extremely grateful for everything that they are right now.

I do not want to be the kind of parent who is in a contest with every other parent for their kid to be the best there is. We try to model to our kids to have a contented and grateful heart; it's difficult, but we try.  It's not an easy job because it's human nature to want what other people have. We always remind the kids, and ourselves also, that a covetous heart will never be content and happy. When something great happens to someone, it doesn't take away anything from  us, di ba?  It should even serve as an inspiration.

I just remind my kids to always give their best effort in everything they do, and surely this commitment will enable them to grow daily in God-confidence.  On our part as parents, we continuously pray that God reveal to us what their gifts are and where their talents lie so we can encourage, develop and nurture them in that direction.  

Anyway, this is the part where I warn you that this post serves as my blessings roll call. Teeheehee! I want my kids to still be able to look back a few years from now, and read how proud I am of their accomplishments - no matter how big or small. Pagbigyan nyo na ako!:) If you can't stand maternal gushing, then read no further.:)

My oldest won a class office election for the third year in a row.  I am so proud of her for being able to manage her time wisely juggling her swim training, maintaining her honor roll standings, and class officer duties. There are days that she seems so overwhelmed by the responsibility all of it requires.  But we encourage her by telling her, this is all good training ground for when she goes off to college.  She wants to study abroad for college, so we tell her that learning to manage her time efficiently is one of the few things she will need most when that time comes.  Shempre, I told her, should she still be interested to study aborad when the time comes, she better be prepared to work part-time to earn her allowance ano - dahil madugo ang tuition.

When she was younger, we can already see how she appealed to a broad range of her classmates, even those outside of her close group of friends. I am saying this not because she is my daughter, but I found that one of her endearing traits as a friend is how she is approachable and inclusive to everyone.  She sincerely tries to make everyone feel welcome in her presence and tries to not exclude anyone.

The first time she ran for class office, she was worried because she ran against someone whom she qualified as a "born leader."  But her dad assured her that being opinionated, articulate and an extrovert doesn't really equate to good leadership qualities. He encouraged her by saying that sometimes all it takes to be a good leader is to have a heart that is principled and a willingness to serve.  True enough, she won the election with over half of the class voting for her.  That same year, she was even among the chosen few to represent her school in a youth leadership camp called EDSOR.

Being a typical teenager, she often has spells of uncertainty about her future. What clubs to join, what course to take, what university to go into. When that happens, C always encourages her to develop a closer walk with the Lord for it is in fully understanding God, that she will start to fully understand what God wants her to be. This is the verse that C always shares with her, Romans 8:28.
For my middle child, I am happy that she got invited to 2 gifted clubs this year, Science and Writing. She was in a dilemma on what club to accept, since aside from the invitation from Science and Writing, she also wanted to get in the Cooking Club. Long story short, I told her to accept the invitation from Science and I promised to do a baking session with her twice a month.

I was already so happy when she got the invitation from the Science and Writing Club, but she surprised me even more when she announced last week that she won the election as Science Club President! Woot! Woot!
Of all my kids, it is my middle child B who often makes an impression on anyone, be they family members or strangers. She is naturally sociable and chatty, and can really tirelessly talk non-stop - about everything!

She is passionate about everything; and so when she is sweet, she is very sweet; when she is willful, well, she is a tempest.:) Of course, as she is growing up, we teach her how to temper her willful individuality. Buti naman it seems to be working.

I am happy to share with you that my youngest and favorite son (but only because he is my only son) has tried out for the school varsity and has been accepted as one of its training members! Woohoo! We've waited for the results for close to a month, and each time I pick him up from school, he would ask me, "Did I get in the varsity?" Now I can finally answer him with a "YES!"
He has certainly seen the advantage of what determination and focus on a task can bring him, in terms of his academics and athletics. But there are occasional times, when he still asks me, "What if I can't?"  And I assure him, "God promises... YOU can do ALL things through Christ. Why will you put a limit to what God can do in your life?"  He keeps silent, but now I know he believes in that promise.  BELIEVE it to ACHIEVE it.
Di Ba?
Being a full-time home-maker, it cannot be avoided - although I am not proud of it, I take my kids' achievements as a gauge on how well I am doing at this motherhood thing.  I know my husband doesn't rate my motherhood skills that way, but I shamefully do. Tsk!

If he notices that I am being quite pushy with the kids, he reminds me to take a step back with Proverbs 21:31 The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the LORD.  Short of sayingif God doesn't will it, wala din mangyayari. Truly, as parents we can just do our best to prepare our kids — and then trust God to bring success to their lives, in His time.

Cheers! :)