Monday, September 1, 2014

Weekend Footnotes: F7 Rallos (Senor Pollo + The Burger Project + Purple Oven + Mrs. Graham's Cafe)

As you may very well know by now, C insists that I take a break from cooking on weekends, so we usually eat out - a lot!:)  The past weekend, we tried almost all the restaurants at the F7 Rallos complex.

We first visited F7 Rallos a few weekends ago with the swimming family of my kids after a swim competition. F7 Rallos is a restaurant complex just off the busy street of Tomas Morato in Quezon City. The place has a mix of affordable restaurants that is perfect for a quick bite with the family during the weekend, or a great place for friends to catch up.

Since the complex offers cheap and unpretentious restaurants, C and I know that we would be coming back regularly. F7 just opened recently, but all the restaurants in the complex are filled with people during the several weekend dinners we were there. Parking is limited, and its best to come early to get parking during peak hours.

Just this weekend alone, we've been to this place Saturday night,Sunday lunch, and take-out for Sunday dinner. Can anyone spell takaw?:)

We ate at Uncle Moe's Shawarma for Saturday dinner.  The whole family loves Persian food - kebabs, shawarma, keema.  We love them all! The Li'l Man fell in love with the rice served with a slice of butter, so much, that he was able to finish 3 orders of beef kebab all by himself!  3 cups of rice, 9 skewers of beef! Horror!
Honestly, I prefer the food quality of Mister Kebab, considering they have similar price points.  I think the butter rice at Uncle Moe's did it for the kids.:)

The kids are delighted that Purple Oven now has a branch in QC.  I used to order from them, but not be happy because they had to charge me a delivery fee. Now, whenever we want to buy something from them, it's just a hop and a scoot away.:)
We love their Revel Bars and Lemon Bars.

The Burger Project is not exactly within the complex, but it is located just right beside it. Eating at The Burger Project is literally a project as you get to pick everything, from the bun to the patty to the sides. They also offer Designer Burgers for those who are willing to settle for the tried and tested.

We ordered by ticking off our preferences
The array of sides to choose from

 The second floor can accommodate a small crowd and is full of colorful posters of burgers.

The truffle fries announced its arrival with the heady aroma of the truffles leading the way even before the fries actually settled on our table. (P175)
But the kids love the onion rings better. (P90)
C ordered the chicken wings, and he was forewarned that it's very spicy. (P155)  

J ordered her own burger, which has an Angus beef pattie and lots of sauteed mushrooms.

The Breakfast Burger is made of 100% Angus Beef, Brioche Bun, Bacon, Sunny side Up egg, Bacon Jam, Garlic Cream Cheese, tomato, Lettuce (P270)

The Western Bacon Melt is made up of 100% Angus Beef, Sesame Seed Bun, Bacon, Sauteed Mushrooms, Cheddar Cheese, BBQ Sauce, Tomato, Onion Rings. (P265)

And because after all of these, my Li'l Man still has room in his tummy, he also ordered their Salted Caramel Milkshake (P165)
But my family still prefer 8Cuts Burger for their Buffalo Wings, Onion Rings, and Burgers.

There is always a long queue at Senor Pollo.  The several times we've been there, the crowd is amazingly patient at standing in line while waiting for their turn to order.
But to be honest, I do not find the roast chicken to be anything out of the ordinary.  The roast chicken was fair ~ moist, tender, with a hint trace of flavor. It is best eaten with the chimchurri sauce to bring out the flavor. The chimchurri has to go hand-in-hand with the chicken for the chicken lacked flavor on its own.  Senor Pollo Roast Half-order with 2 SIDES (P299)
The fried chicken, however, tasted better than the roasted counterpart.  My boys love this! 1-pc Fried Chicken on its own. (P115)
We also ordered the chicken and beef open-faced tacos, and the roasted lechon.  I wasn't able to take photos of those na.  But the roasted lechon is truly out of this world and is always sold out.

We also tried the unique flavors of the macarons at Mrs. Graham's.

One of the flavors we tried was this Ensaimada flavored macaron (P55).  It is very affordable, and the taste and texture is comparable to other more expensive brands in Manila.  Just don't expect it to be Laduree quality and you'll be fine.:)

F7 Rallos Building
#49 Scout Rallos St., cor Tomas Morato, Quezon City
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And the round-up of good food just really won't be complete if I do not mention what I have been craving and eating all week.  My friend and fellow SoMoms, Mish Aventajado, is also a homebaker who makes all these wonderful treats from her fabulous kitchen. When she gave me a box of her Citrus Tea Cakes, I knew immediately that these were going to be heavenly! I try to limit sweets, but I have to be honest and tell you, I kept a stash of these in a container - hidden away from the family! Because you know how everyone in this family is with food.:) hahaha!

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Before ending this very long post about our weekend, I would just like to share that with God, nothing is impossible.  He is the only one who makes all things new.  And with that, Hayden Kho shared his testimony at church yesterday. If you are interested to hear him share his story about how he found redemption through Jesus, you can click here to read the transcript or view the video here 
Jesus is in the business of changing lives. Let's not give up on ourselves and on others. Start the week right!:)