Monday, November 17, 2014

Of Birthdays & Encouragement

Birthdays are one occasion where I find myself sidetracking a lot of questions... after all, who really expects a woman to answer, "how old are you?" Because seriously, do you really need to know???

I was feeling nostalgic as I started writing this post that I went back to my archives to re-read my birthday posts of years past. So funny that the single theme seemed to be how I skirt around the issue as far as age is concerned.

I think my 2010 blogpost was a funny and honest commentary on my superficial insecurities about growing and looking old. I actually caught myself smiling a few times as I was re-reading it. Nakakatawa lang siya talaga eh!  2011 was just ordinary, and was actually a wishlist of what I wanted for my birthday. The year 2012 showed that I have slowly come to terms with inching closer to being 40 -or not! Hahaha! Although it would seem that by the time 2013 came around, I was subconsciously trying to skip the event altogether. No post about it. Maybe I didn't want to greet myself "Happy 40th!" Doesn't it seem self-contradictory? Happy 40th? Tee-hee!

But this year, there's no denying it... 41! It says right there in my son's touching birthday card for me.
The Lli'l Man's birthday card is out of character.  He is so kulit! And usually complains if he needs to study for more than 30 minutes without a break. He appreciates my help din pala!
Makes me feel so appreciated to know that all my effort have not gone unnoticed.  Sometimes, it feels so good to have your efforts validated, di ba? "I feel so proud to have you as my Mom!" is simply an awww-moment for me. After all, how many moms get that from their 10 year old son?

B says, "Thank you for believing in me to get the things that I can never imagine getting.... the most important is that you taught us to sacrifice, something you practice everyday."

While my teen can't seem to thank me enough for helping her with her IG photos.:) But she also goes serious, "Thank you .... to make sure that we achieve the best with our abilities."

I've noticed that in all of their letters, they thanked me for encouraging them to be their best. They actually thanked me! That surprised me because most of the time when I am pushing them to do their best, a "yes, Mom" doesn't come immediately. They rationalize and reason out, and say that it can't be done, they cannot do it, it's so hard.  I always just share with them {Philippians 4:13}

And if that still doesn't work, I may or may not have used the obedience card to end the rationalization on why something cannot be done.

I've always believed that as a mom, I am their number one cheerleader, I am that someone who motivates them to reach further and higher. I give them that much needed push when they need it, most especially when it's very tempting to just settle. . Sometimes I feel like my encouragement falls on deaf ears, but their letters above show me that they do take note of it; that they appreciate it; and have in fact done what they initially thought was impossible because of it.

I do not take credit, of course. For when I encourage them, most of the time, I reference to the Bible. For nothing can blanket us with complete confidence as the word of God. Sharing with you some more of the bible verses I use to encourage my kids when they feel like something is too difficult to get done:
One of my kids is anxious by nature, and worries a lot about many phantom concerns.
This verse calms the anxious spirit as God "has given His angels orders about you, to guard you wherever you go." 


Those are just some of the verses, there are a lot more coming from their Dad.  Our kids do believe what we tell them.  They become it. This gives C and I a big realization that we should choose our words wisely.  Not easy to do when we are frustrated, but makes us try harder to be purposeful with what comes out of our mouths.

Again, same as I did for my past birthday posts, I leave you with my favorite verse {Jeremiah 29:11}