Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Swell Sweets Cookie and Cupcake Decorating Workshop

Even if I bake often, I have not really learned how to decorate my cupcakes and cookies that well. I follow a few of our local bakers because their creations really serve as inspiration and eye-candy to me. One of the cake suppliers I've been following on IG is Swell Sweets. Her creations are always unique and well-executed.  When my daughters and I received an invitation from Swell Sweets to attend a workshop at their commissary, we could not say YES fast enough!

These are the works of my 2 daughters during the Swell Sweets Summer Cookie and Cupcake Decorating Workshop

There's nothing better to keep kids entertained during the summer break than with a fun craft that they can eat after. And that's exactly what my daughters did one afternoon! We went to the Swell Sweets Commissary, and took the Cookie and Cupcake Fondant Decorating workshop. My kids spent the afternoon learning to create beautiful and edible art.

But first, what is fondant? Fondant is a pliable and edible type of icing used to decorate cakes. Because it is malleable, it can also be used to make whatever you can dream up. In my daughters' workshop, they made full body safari animals out of it. If you and your kids love playing with clay, then you'll love decorating with fondant! You can roll it out and cut it, and form it into just about anything.

Meet Angela Colet

Angela Colet is the woman behind Swell Sweets. Her class is a great place to begin your child's foray into fondant art or elevate their existing cookie and cupcake decorating skills. She offers an assortment of workshops to match the age and skill level of the participants. In just a matter of minutes, my daughters were making heads out of rolled fondant balls, then bodies with arms and legs. Teacher Gel gives the participants helpful tips as they mold the fondant creatures by themselves.

You can view her beautiful gallery of edible art here.

Cookie and Cupcake Fondant Decorating Workshop

 The beautiful work of my daughters! 

Gel explains the process so well that, even if it's my daughters first time to dabble in fondant art, they were able to follow the instructions so easily.

"Roll, Ball, Cone," the first three steps vital to any fondant shape

Here are some photos I took during their workshop. If you look closely, you will notice the progress they are making with each photo.

Sharing with you a Hyperlapse video I took of my daughter decorating her animal head:

One decorating session runs for 3 hours, and cost P2,500. The fee is inclusive of materials and snacks. She has so many other workshops to choose from, such as: Underwater animals, monsters, sports emblems, and a whole lot more. If your kids want to bake and decorate their own cookies and cupcakes, then she also has a class for that. Maximum size of class is 6 students so it's not a circus when you enroll your kids here. There is a semblance of order and the quality of the workshop is assured because of the limited number of students.  Go to her Facebook page for more info about class schedules and how to sign up.

The snack bar, which was, of course, wiped out by my 2 daughters.

She also sells decorating materials in her commissary, all reasonably priced.

I am sorry this mom can't help gushing! Ang ganda kase talaga eh. Not bad for first-timers, di ba?

If your kids (and even you) are interested to learn fondant art, then Swell Sweets is the best place in town to learn the art.

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