Monday, April 27, 2015

Suds Laundry & Dry Cleaners

I'd like to think that I am somewhat efficient in my job as a homemaker. I like to believe that I am capable of maintaining cleanliness and order at home. I am generally on top of things and I try tomake sure that everything is running smoothly.

But if there's anything I don't quite like to do as a homemaker, it's having to go to the dry-cleaners to have C's barongs and suits cleaned. You must be like, "What? There's nothing to it." You see, parking is a pain in the laundromat that is nearest us. Whenever I have to bring something or pick something up from the laundromat, I always set it aside and push it back as much as I can.

So much so that I remember one time when I brought C's suit to the cleaners, and because parking was such a hassle I kept on delaying claiming it until I forgot about it, and I only remembered when we had a wedding to attend and he asked me to take it out from his closet. That's when I remembered it's still with the dry cleaners. Panic! Naturally I hurried over to claim it, only to find out that I lost the claim stub. Patay! I ended having to stay in the laundromat for close to an hour as I helped them look for his suit among the piles of clothes. Of course, I had to show proof of ownership so we also had to trace their old receipts and records for more than 6 months back. Whew! I am sure the attendant was not thrilled with me. Teehee! At di rin ako natuwa sa sarili ko.

Di ba pwede na may laundromat/dry cleaners na may delivery service? Parang Jollibee, McDo or Shakeys? Teehee!

When Suds offered for me to try their laundry/dry clean pick-up service, I did not think twice to say yes! Pick-up ba kamo? Sold!

There are a lot of laundromats in my neighborhood, but the Suds branch nearest me takes the cake. I appreciate that they do pick-up and delivery service. We all know that most laundromats have space efficient outlets, and as such ample parking is really a concern for most. The pick-up service is a game-changer talaga.

Other than C's barongs and suits, I also have the washing of our duvets outsourced. We have a top-load washing machine, but I feel like bulky items like duvets and thick blankets are better washed by an industrial washing machine.  I am happy when I learned that Suds uses a special anti-bacterial detergent which penetrates and cleans even the innermost fibers so I don't have to worry about dustmites hiding in them. You all know my kids have very sensitive skin, di ba? No to dustmites!

Aside from the pick-up and delivery service that Suds offer, let me share with you the other reasons why I will now be a Suds regular customer:

1. Suds guarantees laundry that smells as fresh as it is clean. Suds uses different types of detergent—for delicate, premium, regular-wear clothes and bulky items. i.e. Powder is used only for seat covers and other bulky items. In fact, I was asked if I preferred scented or unscented detergent for my items.

2. Its stores are computerized and their system keeps track of every item I bring there to make sure items are properly accounted for, and also to reward regular customers with discounts.

3. Pinya, barong items, gowns stay in shape after they've been dry cleaned at Suds because they use a special liquid detergent made exclusively for delicate items. It also offers breathable bags to store and protect dressier items like suits, barong, and formal attire.

4. When a customer is not satisfied with its work, Suds reprocesses items free of charge.

5. Suds offers everything from wash/fold to dry cleaning, and they can even shrink-wrap bulky items to three times smaller than its original size so you can have more room for all that you need.!

The vacuum-pack service of Suds also made me realize that I now have a solution to my problem with closet space.... I noticed that my bulky winter coats and jackets take up a lot of precious closet real estate... Solution? Vacuum-seal them!

While I love that I have 2 girls, and that I save on buying clothes because of hand-me-downs. The problem with that is my oldest is a couple of sizes bigger than the other one. It takes years before my second girl can fit into her achi's hand me downs. Do you have that problem, too? We have like 2 big boxes of clothes waiting for her to fit into. Eats up a lot of storage space... but that's a thing of the past because we can now just bring it to Suds so they can vacuum-seal it.

If you are interested to avail of their service, you can check for the Suds branch nearest you here, or in the map here.  I tell you, winner ang customer service!

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