Monday, April 13, 2015

#TimeToSimplify | Shop Smart, Save Big

Credit Cards for me are a necessity because I hate carrying cash. I use credit cards to pay for anything and almost everything. As long as credit cards are accepted, then it's usually my first option for payment. But I am not really a shoppingera, in the sense that I don't spend as much time as the typical woman buying clothes, shoes or bags. As a full-time home-maker, my shopping stops are usually the grocery and health food stores. That's where I make the majority of my purchases.

I make a conscious choice to buy food that are unprocessed, which means we eat a healthy amount of fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat. I believe the healthiest diet is to have balance of everything.

For specialty items that are not available in the grocery, I go to Healthy Options. This is where I go to stock up on quinoa, manuka honey, organic tea blends, and a whole lot others. I think we really have to pay a premium for healthy and/or organic items. It is like investing in our health.

When I went to Healthy Options at Robinsons Magnolia a few weeks ago, Uniqlo just opened and was having an opening sale. A lot of items were offered at a discount that I was tempted to buy a few things for myself, too. I didn't feel that guilty because on top of the discount that I got because of the opening sale, I was able to get a further discount of 1.5% simply by using my UnionBank CashBack MasterCard.

Are you as crazy over discounts as I am? Then read further, and let me share with you my recent discovery on how to shop and save at the same time.

My grocery bill is crazy high... unbelievably so! I always say my family eat too much and too often! To be honest, seeing my bill grocery everytime I do the groceries is quite a scary experience for me... parang I'm shopping for 2 families. Yikes talaga! Food & grocery are my family's biggest expense. If only groceries had a discount program for frequent shoppers!

UnionBank CashBack MasterCard makes me earn while I shop because it gives me a cash rebate on ALL my purchases. As a busy mom, I don't want to bother myself with remembering which card offers what rewards. I just want everything to be simple and clear. 

Reasons Why I Choose UnionBank CashBack MasterCard:

1. There is Unlimited Savings by getting rebates on EVERYTHING. Earn 1.5% cash back on ALL your purchases. There’s no need to remember confusing spend categories because you earn 1.5% cash back on EVERYTHING.

2. There are NO MINIMUM SPENDS. You don't need to spend a minimum amount to qualify for the rebate. ALL your purchases are qualified.

3. There are NO CAPs on the rebates.. There is no maximum amount in the monthly rebate they give out. You earn back 1.5% on EVERYTHING that you spend.

4. There is no expiration on the rebates. The cash back you earn DOES NOT EXPIRE, so redeem at your convenience. This is an important note for me because the reward points I earn with another international bank are valid only for three years. And there are no reminders to inform that the points are about to expire, so I've had my reward points convert to zero balance. Bad trip, di ba?

5. There is a Year-End Account Summary. So helpful because it allows you to see your whole year credit card spending by category. Now that is convenience!

If you are a regular visitor to the blog, then you know that I have started switching my family's diet to incorporate more "real food." In fact, I just introduced a new section in the blog, called #CLEANerEATING where I share healthy ideas and recipes that I have tested in the #TPMkitchen as I prepare meals for my family and get them to enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins. This Clean Eating lifestyle is primarily based on the idea that the best way to eat is to abundantly enjoy a variety of whole foods -- that is, foods as close to their natural state. No counting calories here, thoughts on turning vegan or vegetarian not entertained also, but the focus here is on good quality & healthy food. Which is essentially my kind of lifestyle.

I've had my UnionBank CashBack MasterCard for 2 months already, and I am happy to report that I am able to shop smart and save big! 

With the UnionBank CashBack MasterCard, it seems like I'm buying everything on sale because of the cash rebate that applies to ALL my purchases!!

Listen to my friend Kris as she explains why UnionBank CashBack MasterCard is the card for her, too! I do trust Kris because she is not the OC Mom in Manila for nothing... OC siya even with financial computations.

Do you want a discount on ALL your purchases, too? Be a smart shopper and apply for a ‪#‎UnionBankCashbackMasterCard‬.

-Fill out an online application form from
-Download application form and fax it to (02) 636-6256
-Visit your nearest UnionBank branch

For more information, call their Customer Service Hotline at +632 8418600 or Domestic Toll Free 1-800-1888-2277.

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