Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Scott's #Momazing Moments


That magical moment when our child surprises us with a milestone they achieve for the first time and we feel a powerful mix of emotions - pride at their flourishing development, and reassurance that we are doing a great job as a mom. It is that time when he writes his name for the first time; when he reads on his own; he got into the school varsity team after training endlessly; or when she graduates with high academic honors, when she bakes a cookie on her own.

These are just a few of the special instances with the kids that spark a sense of pride, accomplishment and joy in moms. In that moment, we feel surprised, happy, fulfilled. In that moment, we feel #momazing.

The #Momazing feeling is a feeling of knowing that everything that we do as moms is just right.

Just recently, Scott's launched their #Momazing campaign with an event hosted by Daphne Osena-Paez and Dimples Romana. My friends and fellow SoMoms, Michelle Ressa-AventajadoMichelle Lim, and Fleur Sombrero were invited as guest speakers to share their individual insights on their own kind of journey into motherhood.


Although I have known these moms for several years now, and am familiar with their stories, I still felt emotional hearing them talk about their triumphs and daily struggles. 

Fleur Sombrero is the blogger behind Mommy Fleur. She is a full-time working mom who works as a civil engineer. Inspite of her day job keeping her away from her daughter, she still works out a schedule that she is able to show her daughter that family is top priority.

I am able to relate closely to the story of Michelle Lim, the blogger behind My Mom-Friday, because she is also a full time mom. She has 2 kids, one of whom she homeschools. I admire her effort to adjust her parenting style to fit the needs of her children.  As a full-time mom, she cherish the chance to create more special moments with her kids.

The story of Michelle Ressa Aventajado of Momma 'N Manila is a special one because she has been given the blessing of being a mom to a daughter with Down Syndrome. She made me teary-eyed when she shared her touching story about how having a child with special needs does not limit the special moments she has with her daughter. In fact, having her youngest daughter opened up a whole new world for her. She was able to reach out and help other parents whose kids have Down Syndrome.

Listening to the inspiring stories of these beautiful mamas was the highlight of the event for me. If you would also like to be inspired by their stories, you can listen to it here.

I just love that I am in the company of moms who all love their children and make them top priority.


Scott's from GlaxoSmithKline, the brand behind the Scott's Vitamin C products supports all our mommy endeavors to help our kids reach their milestones.  That is at the heart of their #Momazing campaign, to highlight the special moments between parents and children.

Scott's is produced by GlaxoSmithKline, one of the leading healthcare companies. Scott's has been nurturing family health for over 100 years to ensure that children have the strongest possible foundations to grow up healthy and strong.

When my kids were younger, I remember that my mother-in-law would give bottles of Scott's Emulsion for the kids to take.  She believed that taking Scott's Emulsion regularly would increase the kids' immune system. And looking back now, my kids did not get sick that often. and in the few times they were, it was nothing serious and they recovered fast.

During the event, I was surprised to see that Scott's Emulsion now has a brand new packaging. May character na ngayon!

Did you know that the Scott's Vitamin C Pastilles is for the whole family? 1 pastille a day for kids 3-12, and 2 pastilles for adults and kids 12 and older. But sometimes, my kids eat more than 2 a day... ang sarap kase!

My kids love Scott's Vitamin C Pastilles because it really taste good. They especially like the Mixed Berries flavor.

SRP for Scott's Vitamin C Pastilles: Bag of 30s - Php48.50, 15s - Php66.00, 50s - Php187.00. 
SRP for Emulsion: Php242.50 for 200mL and Php404.25 for 400mL. 

 To get more information and update on #Momazing moments and Scott's visit www.facebook.com/ScottsPH and www.gsk.com