Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Weekend Footnotes: Hole In The Wall at Century City Mall

A few Sundays before summer officially ended for the kids, C and I decided to take the kids out to Century City Mall to try Hole In The Wall.  The concept is that of a food hall where you order from different restaurants and eat it at a common dining area… the concept is like that of fast food, but the atmosphere is definitely much more upmarket.

A lot of new and quirky restaurants offering witty and unexpected takes on standard fare.

Expectedly, we ordered a lot of food from several establishments. I don’t think I was able to take photos of everything we ordered because C kept of getting up from the table to order more food… and some more. But his first stop was Bad Bird.

The corn on a stick is served with Kewpie mayonnaise, cheese, bonito and togarashi

The waffles are made with sweet potato, served with miso butter, honey and maple syrup

There's also a store which served local craft beers. C loves that there are more stores like this opening up.

The Maki-mi at Kwongs was definitely on our list of things to try. The meat here is fried so the crucnhy texture made it different from the usual.

Posporo serves Mexican food with a DIY concept. You choose everything as you go along so there are numerous combinations to come up with.

Sisig Nachos Kargados contains sisig, cheese, pickled pepper and pico de gallo

Of all the restaurant, I think it’s safe to say that we loved Bad Bird the best. Everyone ordered their fried chicken – and loved it! Their umami corn was also a different way to eat corn.

B, my little sweet tooth, couldn’t leave the place without ordering from Scout’s Honor. This resto serves gourmet cookies and ice cream. Customers design their own cookie, choosing the dough and toppings. But if you want tog et their tired and tested, then you can also just choose from the available cookies they have.

My kids got Smores {Sable cookie sandwich, Hersheys milk chocolate, home-made soft marshmallow, crushed grahams}. Samoas {coconut, soft caramel, salt, sableBreton cookies, dark choco drizzle}. Matcha Sesame {green tea cookies, roasted balck sesame creme, milk choco chips}.

Here's the LI'l Man with the goggle marks enjoying his S'mores cookie!

Hope you enjoyed looking through my photos!