Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wishful thinking: Kitchen {Le Creuset}

Because I have reached that age which my kids consider OLD, I have now become true to what they think of me (i.e. boring! teehee!). What other way to welcome and celebrate middle age than my first wishful thinking posts about POTS and PANS!

But these are not any ordinary cookware... these are Le Creuset!


Le Creuset pans are somewhat of a mystery to me. I've never seriously considered buying them even if I've always wanted one because the price tag is kinda scary. But the past few months, I've been doing a lot of wishful thinking about the Le Creuset enamel cast-iron grill pan, enough to make me think that I deserve it. Eeeep!


Le Creuset is French cookware manufacturer since 1925, best known for its colorful enameled cast iron cookware.


What I am crushing on is this red enameled cast-iron double-burner-length grill pan. And reading the complete product description makes me love it all the more.
  • 15 3/4" x 9" x 1" high.
  • Slender grill pan fits over two burners on your stovetop or outdoor grill.
  • Cast iron retains high heat for perfect searing.
  • High ridges sear food with authentic grill marks, elevating it from fatty drippings.
  • Durable, nonreactive black enameled interior requires no seasoning.
  • Colorful porcelain-enameled exterior makes the pan handsome enough for table service.
  • Extra-wide handles are easy to grasp, even while wearing bulky oven mitts.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Made in France.

I am still thinking if it's really worth the price tag... It's US$290, but Williams-Sonoma has it on sale for $199.95. Hmmm... If it is really as durable as they say it is, it would certainly pay for itself with the frequency we grill around her.

I spend a LOT of time in the kitchen cooking, and every time it's steak night and  I use my Tefal griller to make batches of steak, my mind keeps going back to Le Creuset's enameled cast-iron grill pan. For everyday cooking I use my SaladMaster pans. But for grilling, I find it more convenient to use a teflon-coated pan. I use the Tefal brand, and I've been through several grill pans already. Somehow even with taking good care of the teflon coating, it seems to rub off through normal wear and tear. The Teflon brand is a good brand already and each replacement sets me back around P3,000.00 to P4,000.00. They say a cast-iron pan is more durable, and can withstand extremely high-temperatures and resists wear and tear that might occur with other types of cookware. What do you think?

Phenomenal Papa, pwede na din ito pang advance birthday gift. teehee!:) Hint!