Monday, June 29, 2015

Costa Coffee PH

I was a teenager in the late 80s, and during that time London was synonymous with everything hip. Being the capital of cool Brittania, it is also home to Bono of U2, John Taylor of Duran Duran, Princess Diana... Ok, enough, I think I'm dating myself.  I know when I mention David Beckham, Kate Middleton, Stella McCartney, a lot more people can relate to them nowadays.  But, really, did you ever notice that London is a city that never stops buzzing with movers and shakers of the world's fashion, art and music. Anyone who's anyone is based there.

The latest London recruit to come to the Philippine shores is Costa Coffee. It may not be a familiar name to the Manila crowd right now, but it is actually the 2nd largest coffeehouse chain in the world next to Starbucks, and the biggest in the UK.

Costa Coffee is all about great coffee, delicious food and a dazzling array of hot and cold drinks. They will be serving Manila a wide selection of hot and cold drinks, including their bestsellers, which is the Flat White.

At Costa, every cup of coffee served is handmade by only the best baristas in the industry. Each barista has been rigorously trained in various Costa Coffee Academies around the world, ensuring that they have the skill and precision to make the perfect cup of coffee time and time again.

Costa is not all coffee - although their coffee is pretty amazing. They also have mouthwatering pastries, delightful muffins, and tummy-filling sandwiches to kick-start a great morning!

Check out this opening promo.

Are you excited to “get a taste of London”? 

Costa Coffee will be having a special promotional offer: “Fancy a free cup of coffee? Absobloodylutely! Order your Frostino Mocha Cream with a British accent and get it for free, from 2-4pm on June29!

at Eastwood CityWalk 1

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