Wednesday, July 1, 2015

{Weekend Footnotes} Marufuku Japanese Restaurant

Marufuku Japanese Restaurant in Ortigas is one of our fave places. The restaurant is not that big, and we usually have to call in for reservation to make sure we get a table. There's an open kitchen fronting the bar, and if you don't mind eating on the bar stools, then you can also enjoy watching the Japanese chef prepare your meal in front of you.

When my daughter graduated from grade school last March, the husband decided to celebrate the occasion here. We were very pleased with her as she was able to accomplish her goal of graduating with honors. Only 30 of them girls went up the stage to get their medals out of a batch of about 300. Great job, B!

Great job also to the Phenomenal Papa for doing a wonderful job with ordering! Everything was LOVE!!! Please do not judge the number of food we ordered. It was way past 12 noon, and we were hungry. Looking at it now, it looks like an exaggerated amount of food, but the kids really are BIG eaters. Don't worry, they swim about 5,000 - 8,000 meters a day, so they pretty much burn everything they eat.

Being that we were famished, I wasn't able to jot down most of the names of the food that we ate, too. Just enjoy the photos, and believe me when I say that it is good!

We all loved the salmon sashimi, even the kids, that we had to order another platter. It was fresh and kinda like melted in our mouths.

The Marufuku Roll is a big futomaki made out of eel, shrimp tempura and kani.

Robatas are charcoal grilled skewers. which are priced individually per stick. It's like the Japanese version of barbeque. I had to tone down the family's order because they have a serious connection with anything grilled, and it seemed like they wanted to order everything on the menu.

Quail eggs wrapped with bacon is BAE. hehehe!

I know I usually say no to processed foods such as sausages, but these Arabiki sausages are extremely good.

The Wagyu Beef Cubes in Teriyaki Sauce is another fave.

Enoki mushrooms wrapped with bacon. My family's love for bacon is obvious by now.

The Kaki Motoyaki is a delicious oshima oyster dish seasoned with miso and then grilled. As you can see, it is served on a spoon with a bed of sea salt. They say this is the house specialty, so I say it’s worth a try even if you are not fond of oysters.

The onigiri is prepared upon order so prepare to wait about 10-15 minutes for it. It is one of the best onigiris I've ever tasted, and it seems like I was back in Japan while I was eating this. Ang sarap!

The Yakiniku Kamameshi rice is so good that it was worth the long wait.

The Gomoku Kamameshi rice was filling and flavorful as well, full of beef and shrimps with every bite. I guess this post really shows the damage that my family's appetite can do. Writing this post, I can't seem to imagine how we finished everything that day. 

I don't even remember who ordered this Katsudon donburi, but it was safe to say this is as good as the rest.

We ended with a bowl or ramen shared by everyone.

The prices are on the steep side, but they do serve one of the best Japanese food in Ortigas. Since the first time we ate here, we've been back two times already. It's the nearest authentic Japanese restaurant when we don't feel like traveling to Makati. We will definitely be back again and again!

To know more about Marufuku Japanese Restaurant
G/F Crescent Bldg., San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Ortigas