Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Savoring Me Time With Pine-Sol

A few weeks ago, Pine-Sol gave me the chance to meet up with some of my mommy blogger friends. The invite requested me to show up at the Le Spa of Sofitel for a day of health, wellness and pampering.

I know I need ME-time to recharge and relax... away from the kids! It’s something that I do because that break makes me feel refreshed and happier when I come back to my family.

My kids are older now so I get to have snippets of time for myself within the day. I don’t really go out that much, and if I do go out with friends, it’s usually to meet up for lunch to catch up and share stories about how we are all going along. I love talking with other moms because we exchange stories and I learn so much from what we all share.I also try to read books during any pocket of free time during the day.

But what I really enjoy doing during my ME time is to bake in the kitchen! That for me is relaxation! My husband would often ask me to relax during the day, and in his mind when he asks me to “relax” he is thinking watch some movies while on the bed. So he gets irritated when he finds out that I’ve been on my feet all day in the kitchen baking up a storm.

Me-time means different things to different people. It could be going for a run, watching a movie, dinner out with girlfriends, having a massage, having a long bath, reading a book, or taking a walk, doing yoga… it’s anything you enjoy.

The Pine-Sol event was held at the ultra chic and posh Le Spa Yoga Studio of Sofitel Manila. I didn't do yoga for over a decade already, so going back to it was a challenge that felt quite good. Our yoga teacher, Joanne Santos made everyone felt at ease, and made sure that everyone was comfortable with the pace, making adjustments along the way.

As soon as yoga session is over, we quickly freshened up and had a healthy brunch in one of the hotel's function room.

And because mothers are experts at multi-tasking, while we were enjoying the scrumptious and healthy food prepared for us, we also listened to an informative session about how to take better care of ourselves given by nutritionist: Agnes Tumaneng RND doctor; and Dr. Jade Cada, aesthetic doctor at Vietura

Sharing with you some of my takeaways:
1. Practice proper meal patterns. Eat in moderation and no matter how busy we get, we shouldn't skip meals.
2. Eat more fibrous food and drink a lot of water to maintain regularity.
3. Have enough rest and sleep.
4. Increase physical activity
5. Think only good thoughts.


Pine-Sol cleaners is a powerful part of my family's cleaning routine. It's what my mom used when I was growing up, and it's the same product I trust to clean my own home, as well.

Pine-Sol now comes in 5 scents: lemon fresh, orange energy, Sparkling Wave, lavender clean and original pine scent. My favorite scent is the lavender clean, but lemon fresh is also appealing to me especially when I use it in the kitchen.  

Why Pine-Sol is my choice of cleaner:
1. Pine-Sol is concentrated.  You can dilute it with water for most cleaning jobs, and still get maximum cleaning power.
2. One cleaner, Multi-purpose use. You can use it to clean furniture, toilet, floors, appliances.  
3. It cleans, disinfects and deodorizes. Pine-sol makes your home spotless clean and germ- free while leaving a refreshing scent.
4. Pick the right strength for you. You can mix Pine-Sol with water at different strength for different household needs, adjusting your cleaning power each time.

Here is the customary group shot.  As you can see, everyone has a wide smile on because everyone is refreshed, relaxed and rested. Thank you Pine-Sol for that day of pampering! 

*All photos without watermark are taken by Jay Santos

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