Thursday, August 27, 2015

What's In My Cart? Chips Ahoy!

Because my kids took after their dad, the way through their hearts is really through their tummies. And one of their recent favorite things to munch on are Chips Ahoy cookies. They are not the Chips Ahoy cookies I grew up with ha, ang dami ng flavors ngayon!

I first saw them at S&R a year ago, and I thought at that time they were a one-time deal, meaning they won't replenish when stocks run out. But to my surprise, I've seen them in almost all the leading groceries I've visited. And each time, seems like more new flavors are coming out.
 This one I saw at DEC along Annapolis in Greenhills. 
I always have several packs in my pantry for emergency baon situations. 

Each one of us have our own favorites... suffice it to say, masarap lahat!

Even the Choco Chunky variety now comes in Coconut. It seems an unlikely match, di ba, pero it's surprisingly good!
 I love that the new packaging is resealable, so the cookies remain as fresh as the day we open them. But one pack doesn't usually last a day with us. Hehehe!

 When I know that he has a heavy workout during his swim training, I prepare a tall glass of cold milk and some Chips Ahoy cookies as his night cap.

Speaking of baon, I must also share with you that I just recently discovered that my ultimate favorite cookie, Mrs. Fields, is also now available in individual packs. This makes baon prep in the morning so much easier for me. Even if I love to bake for the kids for their baon, there are times that I'm busy and cannot, so I always have a stash of quick snacks in the pantry for easy grabbing.

For my little girl naman who loves experimenting in the kitchen with me, she can't seem to leave a good cookie alone! She researched on how to "upgrade" a store -bought Chips Ahoy cookie into a dessert treat. Her are some of the sweet treats that are on our "to-do" list.  You can get the recipes by clicking on the links.

Chips Ahoy Cheesecake Sandwiches {via}                 Chewy Chips S'Mores {via}

Chips Ahoy Choco Fruit Pizza{via}                   CHIPS AHOY! Baby Cakes {via} 

Thank you to S Merchandising for bringing in the many different variants of Chips Ahoy and Mrs. Fields cookies, among others.  Mamas like me appreciate that we now have so many options to make our kids happy through the baon we let them bring.


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