Thursday, October 8, 2015

A TsuperMama's Review of the CHEVY TRAILBLAZER:

Being a mom to three active kids has made me realize just how important it is to have room for all of the stuff! One of the things my husband and I consider when buying a new vehicle is if the trunk is big enough to handle all of the kids’ gear. I’ll be honest with you and say we do not have any concept of travelling light – whether by air or by land. We pack everything.:)

For the past decade, I’ve gotten used to driving an SUV. It’s just the kind of vehicle for our lifestyle. We have three kids, everything just always comes in threes. When they were younger, it was the car seats, extra set of clothing, snacks, drinks. Now that they are older, it’s the sport equipment bags, snacks and drinks (pa din!). If we are going for a road trip, expect even more!

When Chevrolet Philippines asked me to review their best-selling mid-size SUV Chevrolet Trailblazer, I looked forward to trying out its spacious interior and to find out how smooth the ride was going to be. The Trailblazer was lent to my family for 4 days during one weekend last September. The kids had a hard time letting go after those 4 days!

What are the features I like in the 
Chevrolet Trailblazer:

The sporty mid-size SUV Chevrolet Trailblazer can seat up to 7 so it was great for our family of 5! The second- and third-row seats can be configured in multiple ways for cargo flexibility — making the Trailblazer the perfect vehicle for family outings, grocery shopping or driving the kids with their sports equipment.


With the Chevrolet Trailblazer, I will never have to worry about space! This SUV has all the space that my kids need, whether traveling long distances or just around town.

Moms of multiple kids will agree with me when I say that the most important factor to remain cool and calm when driving around with kids is to have a large vehicle. The kids MUST be given personal space or a meltdown is sure to happen in the next thirty minutes. Di ba?

Plenty of space for all my family’s luggage.

The Chevy Trailblazer offers a ton of cargo room, which means plenty of space for clothes and gear for my family of five. There is a little bit of space in the back but you can easily fold down the third row to allow for more room, if needed.
You can fold down the third and second row if you really need a lot of space.

This was how the back looked like with the third row folded down.

legroom for my tall husband

My husband has a driver on weekdays when he has to go to the office, but on Sundays, it’s his turn to drive for the family. Either way, the Chevrolet Trailblazer has the spaciousness and convenience of having so much leg room. He is a little bit over 6 feet, and you can see that when he is seated at the second row, there's still a lot of leg room.


The Trailblazer’s 4x4 LTZ AT and LTZ SE AT variants will have the new Chevrolet MyLink infotainment system with Mobile Connect for iOS and Android. As an added bonus for new 4x2 LTX AT owners, Chevrolet is providing free 3GB per month of Globe Tatoo 4G internet for the first 12 months of usage, maximizing the use of the new infotainment system.


With the Trailblazer’s MyLink, users can mirror mobile devices and utilize applications such as Waze, Spotify, iPhone’s Siri, Tune-in and Stitcher, applications that make viewing and listening to latest news, sports, talk, and entertainment radio anywhere around the world possible.

My absolute favorite thing about the Traliblazer is that when I put it in reverse I immediately saw the MyLink screen change and showed me everything behind me and depending on which way I moved the wheel the trajectory lines would change. Even with more than 20 years experience of driving, backing into parking spots was always something I dread; but with this, not only was I able to do it but I was able to back in to a spot perfectly.


Also standard to the new Trailblazer 4x2 LTX AT, 4x4 LTZ AT and 4x4 LTZ SE AT variants is Chevrolet’s Dash camera with 32GB of memory. This new feature offers Trailblazer owners the option to conveniently record road trips and traffic events for a more reassuring drive.


The trailblazer is able to pass 2.6 feet of flood water. Giving me confidence to handle extreme weather and road conditions.  I don't think this needs any more explanation, especially since we've all been witness to how easily our roads get flooded with the slightest of rainfall.

The critical engine components are placed at a higher locations allows the Trailblazer to do this.


Let’s face it, we all like to drive a nice looking vehicle and the Chevrolet Trailblazer certainly turns a few heads. It looks so strong and massive.  Other than that, the interior of the Trailblazero is also designed with optimum storage in mind.  I'm thinking of all the road trip snacks my kids can put in there for our long road trips.

My husband and kids appreciate the large American-sized seats, and individual air conditioning.

The final verdict? I loved the so much that I’m actually considering it for our next family vehicle.

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