Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Earth Kitchen BGC

Having decided to embark on a clean eating lifestyle since 2013, one of the local restaurants that we love to visit is Earth Kitchen, where we appreciate their farm-to-table concept. We first learned about Earth Kitchen in 2014 when my sister celebrated her birthday in their White Plains branch. We have since been back several times; it has quickly become one of our favorites.

As I researched for Clean Eating, I realized that the lifestyle is primarily based on the idea principle of getting more nutrition from the food we eat appealed to me.  We've been trying to eat more of fresh and unprocessed foods. My husband and I are not getting any younger, and my kids are competitive athletes who really need quality food intake, and I just generally wanted the family to start eating better.

When we got an invite from the Earth Kitchen and Got Heart marketing manager, Pinky Parra, to try out their newest outlet in BGC, it was an invitation I couldn't pass up.

Their newest outlet has a lot more space to offer, so it's the perfect spot for family gatherings or to celebrate special occasions with friends.

There's a function room at the back, which you can occupy if you're a big group, or for a corporate meeting. And the great news is, there's no minimum cover for this room.

Earth Kitchen supports local farmers and indigenous communities around the Philippines, and most of their dishes are specifically crafted to showcase the produce of the Got Heart Farms in Tarlac and their partner communities from Luzon to Mindanao. Shown below are some of the products from the local farmers and villages that they support.

I admire Earth Kitchen for using organic and naturally produced ingredients.  Doing so helps increase the demand for organic and natural produce. This way the livelihood of local farmers from the marginalized communities are being sustained. At the same time, it encourages more farmers to produce good, clean, healthy food – without the use of genetically-modified organisms (GMO’s), chemicals, synthetic fertilizers and harmful inputs like petroleum-based urea, herbicides and pesticides.

We started our meal with the Fish and Mango appetizer.  The kids love the combination of the crispy texture of the Loro Fillet, and the sweetness of the ripe mango, topped with Cilantro, and drizzled with Chili Plum Sauce. 

I ordered this Shrimp Spring Rolls as my appetizer.  It's very refreshing, and I love how the flavors from the shrimp, organic greens and peanuts, lime hoisin sauce all come together with every bite.

Since everyone is a fan of arugula in my family, we ordered this Watermelon & Rocket Salad. It was wiped out in minutes, even if they were out of arugula and edible flowers that day.  According to the menu, the ingredients of this salad are: salad greens, arugula, edible flowers, pili nuts, homemade kesong puti, balsamic vinaigrette

My oldest daughter ordered the Smoked Tomato Soup, which was made with organic smoked tomatoes, cream, gremolata, and served with garlic bread.

My other daughter wanted to try the curried squash soup. It was a delightful mix of pumpkin, yogurt, and mint.

My favorite son ordered his all-time favorite, Cream of Fresh Mushroom. It's made with a mixture of organic shitake, button. milky and abalone mushrooms.

To wash down our food, my son had the Mango Yoghurt Shake, while the girls and their dad shared a pitcher of fresh dalandan juice. I usually just have a warm glass of water with my meals, and my kids are happy there's more for them.:)

Everytime we eat at Earth Kitchen, my son just orders one thing. He absolutely loves the Beef Kebab. It's boneless beef ribs,with tzatziki. It comes with a chjice of grilled vegetables and organic Ifugao rice pilaf or 3pcs of flour tortilla and Organic Mixed Greens.

My husband tried the Braised Baconm, which was served with red cabbage and marble potatoes.

My kdis are creatures of habit. J ordered her usual order of 4 Mushrooms and Egg pasta. It's the Earth Kitchen's version of Carbonara. It comes with bacon bits, shiitake, milky and button mushrooms, and organic egg.

The Mushroom Ravioli that B ordered had kesong puti with every bite, and the shiitake, button and milky mushrooms complemented the light cream sauce.

As for me, I usually order their Roasted Chicken, but I wanted to try their soft tacos.  The Braised Pork Belly was a good choice! 

I was too stuffed for dessert already, but the kids obviously still had room for some! What they had: goat’s cheese frozen cheesecake
goat’s cheese ice cream with wild honey, dried figs, cashew nuts 
Vanilla peanut butter crunch, which is made of homemade carabao’s milk vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, turon

Pinky proudly shared with us that Earth Kitchen makes everything from scratch— from the pasta, to the ice cream, so everything that comes out of their kitchen is freshly-made goodness. Don't be mistaken that it's a vegetarian/vegan restaurant. Earth Kitchen has something for everyone, from the vegetarian to the meat lover!

As usual, each time we dine at Earth Kitchen we leave with a happy and satisfying feeling. We will surely be back soon!

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