Friday, February 5, 2016

Lysol To-Go, Clean On-The-Go!

I think for every newbie mom, there's always that time in our lives when we were paranoid about germs, bacteria, viruses and such. Did you ever pass through that phase when your newborn just came home and you felt like you had to clean your hands every 10 minutes? Or when your toddler's plastic toy needed to be washed everytime it touched the floor?

I can clearly remember those days. Hahaha! BUT, I slowly turned into a free-range parent by the time my third child came around. Because, hello! What doesn't kill them, makes them stronger. Teehee!

As a parenting veteran of almost 16 years, I still value cleanliness, but I am not a germaphobe anymore. There are still issues that I am OC about, and one of them is the about washing hands after every use of the toilet and of course, having clean hands before eating.

 The two essentials in my mommy bag right now: 
Lysol Hand Wipes + Lysol Disinfectant Spray To-Go

Now you know my kids swim competitively, and even at this modern times, some of the public facilities which holds the swim competitions still do not even have running water coming out of the faucet. That's the sad but honest truth about the state of our public facilities. But that's a gripe that's meant for another post...

No running water is no problem for me and my kids since we discovered Lysol Hand Wipes! It's now included in their swim equipment bag everytime we swim outside of the club. For this mom, no water, no worries!

Lysol Hand Wipes makes sure we are clean on-the-go!

Lysol Hand Wipes

I'm so thankful that I've discovered new Lysol Germ Protection Wipes for our on-the-go germ protection needs! It’s alcohol-free, mild for everyday use so my kids can use it on their skin. It’s alcohol-free so it won’t dry their skin at all.

Lysol Germ Protection Hand Wipes kill 99.9% of germs and viruses just like our dependable and trusty ol’ Lysol disinfectant spray. You get thick, absorbent, moist and wonderful smelling wipes in every pull.

But the uses of Lysol Germ Protection Hand Wipes aren’t limited to just wiping our hands. I also use it for a dozens of other things.

When you're a #tsupermama like me, you find yourself with a lot of downtime... waiting in the car, waiting by the pool, waiting in school, getting stuck in traffic. You get the point. Me stuck in the car + Lysol Hand Wipes = productivity.

 I've since used Lysol Hand Wipes to clean the steering wheel. I don't know about you, but I feel OC about someone else's hands on MY steering wheel. So when the driver needs to move the car to clean it every morning, I want to ask him to wipe down the steering wheel after he parks it, but I don't want to sound like an OC snob. But how do I say it without sounding like an OC bitch? "Paki disinfect yung manibela pagkatapos mong hawakan?" Hahaha!

Lysol Disinfectant Spray To-Go

The Lysol Disinfectant Spray To-Go is another handy discovery for me. I have 2 girls and going to public restrooms is another cause of concern for this OC mama because let's face it, not all toilets are well-maintained. If my girls have to go, a quick spray on the toilet seat partially solves my worries.

Do you also have issues that you are OC about?

To know more about Lysol, get updates from their Facebook page: LysolPH.