Monday, April 25, 2016

My Motherhood Journey + EXPO Mom 2016

As women, we need outlets to express ourselves - to vent our frustrations, encourage us during our struggles and share our elation. Our mom friends understand us. There is a common connection that can only come from someone who understands exactly what we are going through.

My mommy friends are my constant understanding ear as I tackle the hardest and most rewarding job of my life. I always enjoy spending time with them because we always end up laughing about how we are going through the same things. It's so much comforting to vent with someone who understands almost exactly what I'm going through.

I don't even meet up with them that often. Most of the time our interaction is online, we just chat on FBC or though our viber group. We understand that motherhood is our priority and it takes up a big chunk of our time.

Because I know that a lot of moms share what I'm going through with my own kids, I've also written a lot of posts sharing my joys and frustrations as a mom to teens and tweens.

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EXPO Mom 2016

Luckily for us moms, there's also a community of moms we can always count on for support, advice, and encouragement from fellow moms, and that's the Mommy Mundo community, especially
every time we come together for its annual event, Expo Mom.

Now on its ninth year, Mommy Mundo brings us Expo Mom 2016, on April 29 and 30, Friday and Saturday, at the Glorietta Activity Center, Makati. Expo Mom 2016 is a celebration, not of motherhood but the journey of motherhood and the unique experience we go through on every stage. With this year’s theme, The Motherhood Journey, we’ll find both enlightenment and encouragement whether we’re an expectant mom or a new mom, a mom taking care of a toddler or a mom raising a child at Expo Mom.

#TheMotherhoodJourney Giveaway

We moms love telling stories about our days, our birth, our kids, and Mommy Mundo would like to hear them! Sharing our mom stories online helps us learn from each other, get inspired and just makes us realize how we are all on the same boat on this adventure called motherhood. Mommy Mundo asks moms to share their #themotherhoodjourney stories online and get rewarded with exciting prizes. Awesome prizes at stake:

Expectant moms can win a Snug-a-hug pillow, Blanqi supportwear, and Mother-K gift box worth P8,950

Moms with babies get a chance to win a Georgia Sleigh Cot worth P28,000

Moms with toddlers may win an Aprica Stroller Luxuna Light worth P24,999.75

Moms of kids get to win an ETL Learning Book Set worth P49,915 A Child’s first Library of Learning provides knowledge of all four key areas: Life, Nature, Science, and Our World.

**Full Contest Mechanics may be found on: