Friday, April 22, 2016

{Weekend Footnotes} Bazaar Weekend + Meet Ups

This weekend footnotes post is several days late. I should have posted this last Monday, but I was busy sorting out the items from the bazaar. My living room is like one big bodega, and my husband is not too pleased with it. Hahaha!

The past weekend was a very busy and tiring one for my entire family. My girls and I were invited to participate in our very first ever bazaar. I was excited for my girls to experience working for their money that I offered them all the proceeds from selling their pre-loved clothes. It's just too bad that my oldest spent a part of it shopping the bazaar. Cry emoji here! Hahaha!

My girls saw for themselves how hard it was to earn money. And when we got home on the fist day of the bazaar, B goes, "I don't know why I feel so tired. I just sat the whole day in an air-conditioned room, but I'm so sleepy already." I don't know why, too, but I felt the same way, anak!

As far as my oldest is concerned she missed the memo for the bazaar dress code twice! I told both my girls the night before the bazaar to dress comfortably and in clothes that allows for movement because we had to do ingress and egress on both days. Nag pencil skirt on the first day! At nag dress nung second day!

I think it's also the first for my daughters to go to a bazaar, they found a lot of items that they liked to buy and kept on going around to look for more things to buy. Haaays!

I found this IG post funny because one of my mommy blogger friends tagged me when she saw a photo of my girls in a seller's IG post. Bistado! Gumagala. Hahaha!

Anyway, what made the weekend super fun for me was that I got to meet so many of my followers. Quite a number of my readers visited the bazaar to support me. I'm so thankful that almost everyone introduced themselves. And to all those who told me that they follow me, of course I have to have a photo taken with them... as proof that it's not only family and friends who read my posts. Hahahaha!

A lot of those who went actually are actually lunch prepping mamas like me. They saw me frequently posting on IG about my baon posts and they went to the bazaar to buy the same lunch jars that I'm using. The community of women following me online at The Phenomenal Mama is such a blessing, and serves to encourage me to continue sharing my life experiences. We all learn from each other in our parenting journey.

I'm also thankful that I have my friend Rowena of Animetric's World as my bazaar booth neighbor. So chikka lang whenever we can. Her son and daughter goes to the same school as mine, so there are a lot of common things to talk about. And being that she's also skin-care obsessed, I learned a lot about make-up and other beauty essentials those 2 days.