Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Where To Buy "My Pals Are Here" in Manila?

One of my most visited blog posts especially during the start of the school year happens to be a very old post about Singapore Math.

In 2010, I posted about discovering a distributor selling the My Pals Are Here accompanying practice books.  I made this discovery as I attended one of those book fairs, and it so happened that the distributor was selling old editions of My Pals Are Here at 50% off. Naturally, I hoarded the practice books at ALL levels.

What I get from my kids' school is just the textbook and the workbook, but it turns out that there are also additional enrichment books that can be purchased separately.

I've lost the contact number of that distributor already.

But, I'm happy to share with all of you tutor-mamas that I recently discovered where you can all easily buy the additional practice books.

Singapore Math

Singapore Math is a balance between drill and creative problem solving. 

The power of using models, if learned with proper guidance, often allow grade school kids to be able to solve algebraic word problems. If models can be drawn to show the situation, the solution becomes clearer, sometimes even obvious.

I also found out for myself as I tutored my kids that the Singapore approach encourages greater problem solving skills and creative thinking. In fact, algebra problems are a breeze when done the Singapore method way.

Initially, I also did not understand the importance on the concentrated focus on using number bonds for addition and subtraction. I had no concept at all on what the number bonds were for. Because we all grew up doing carry over 1 and borrow 1 for addition and subtraction of two digit numbers with regrouping, right? Yun pala it facilitates mental math as they grow older.

Anyway, I was in National Bookstore in Greenhills late last month waiting for my daughter to be done with her guitar class, and I was happy to see rows of My Pals Are Here available in National Bookstore. I am sure it is available in all branches, although I did not bother to check anymore.

The textbooks and workbooks are available for purchase in school

I was so happy to discover that the HOMEWORK supplementary books are also available for sale. Happy dance inside my head! Then I remembered, wala na pala akong grade schooler. Hahaha! So I'm just sharing this to all of your tutor-mamas to grade schoolers. I hope this makes your day! Teeheehee!

The Homework books are a supplement that is NOT AVAILABLE in school 
BUT is a great workbook to buy for additional math practice

It's available for all grade school levels

Pero ang mahal

Given how expensive the books can get, I just want to share with you how I was able to extend the life of each workbook.

I have 3 kids. I am not willing to buy each kid a new supplementary book each time, especially since it's just for additional practice at home.

When they were in early grade school, what I did was I simply cover up the pages with post-it, and let my kids write their answers and solutions on the post-it. Then when they were older, I just asked them to answer in a separate piece of paper.

Read more about it here:

Happy tutoring! An oxymoron... IKR!:)

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