Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Uma Uma Ramen + Whisky Bar

I have this group of mom-friends who I meet up with regularly to eat, its always just to eat. WE love to eat, and so we bond over good food. Together, we visit restaurants we've never tried before, but there are also times that one of us would just host a dinner party at home.

I honestly don't recall having gone out shopping with this group, nor did we ever watch a movie together.

Because of our common love for eating, our viber group is called The Cupcake Group because we love to have coffee and eat cupcakes. Well, to be accurate, they have coffee and I just drink warm water.

It did not surprise me when I learned that the one who hosted our recent dinner has a nephew who runs this super popular ramen bar in Singapore called, Uma Uma. The nephew, Russell Yu, is a Filipino-Chinese who grew up in the US but is now based in Singapore.

Uma Uma Ramen, {Forum Mall, Orchard Road, Singapore}

Naturally, being friends with the auntie of the owner gave us dibs on trying this newest ramen + whisky bar in town. Everyone from our group came in full force, together with our families of course, to try out Uma Uma during its soft opening.

Uma Uma is located on the 2nd floor of the high-end retail complex, S Masion Marina. 
It is right below Conrad Manila.

According to its webpage, Uma Uma Ramen’s name stems from “Wu Maru”, a Ramen shop established in 1953 by the father of Uma Uma Ramen’s current President, Masahiko Teshima. Upon taking over the business in 1994, “Wu Maru” was renamed “Uma Uma Ramen”; a play on the original name of the restaurant as well as a pun on the Japanese word for “tasty”.

My friend was quick to share that the food in Uma Uma is 100% MSG-free.

I am allergic to MSG, I feel my heart expanding after eating food with MSG. So I'm happy to know that the broth for the ramen is naturally seasoned and boiled for hours to elevate flavors.

The Mazesoba is a dry ramen with spring onions, bamboo shoots, schili oil, bean sprouts, sesame seeds and onsen egg. It's a different take on the ramen, but it's just as good as the one with broth.

But other than the ramen, the side dishes deserve some special mention, too!
The Yaki Chasiu was really tender and flavorful. 
I feel like I could just order a bowl of rice and call it a meal!

The chicken karaage was crunchy on the outside and the meat ws tender on the inside.

I love their one-bite gyoza, as well.

I also got to meet Uma Uma's chef, Nakamura San who flew in from Japan to man the Manila kitchen.

They even flew in their Singaporean Bar Manager. 

The good news is Uma Uma opens on, June 15, 2016, so you can now visit.

Eat a bowl of ramen, and enjoy a dram of Japanese whisky while you're at it!

Uma Uma is located at: Level 2, S Maison Conrad, Seaside Boulevard corner Coral Way, Mall of Aisa Complex, Pasay City

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