Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Nutrition On-The-Go with Selecta Fortified Milk

I've been a swim-mom for 7 years already, since 2009.

Ang cute ng Team Ong shirts, di ba?
(Taken in 2014)

I am continually impressed with the discipline, athleticism, mental toughness and physical resilience it takes to be a competitive swimmer.

I often wonder what goes on in the swimmers head while they are on the diving block.
For my son, it's getting to eat in his fave creperie, it's what he wants as reward each time he medals.

R's medal haul from one his past swim meets.

My youngest son is now 11.

When I was 11, there’s no way I would have managed to attend training sessions 6 days a week. Some days during the summer, training is even twice a day. And morning practices start at 6:00 am - sharp!

If they are lucky enough to qualify for the champs, then on the weeks leading up to the finals, they are in the pool even on Sundays.

Kakapagod, di ba!

That is not even accounting for the hours my kids spend on their academics as they strive to maintain their honors standing.

Super proud of my son for graduating grade school last March 2016 
with first honors and as a subject excellence awardee, 
on top of being a bemedaled athlete for the swimming varsity.

As we shuffle to beat traffic from school to the pool, or while we rush to make it to the 6 am training, we just need time to be on our side.

For the lifestyle of my family, not only do we need food that is nutrient-rich, kailangan din easy to eat while on-the-go, and dapat convenient to carry around. I admit that the car oftentimes functions as the dining area. My kids are used to eating in the car, a practice that my husband frowns on (and I'm sure his driver din because he needs to clean up. hehe! ).

Through the years, I've become a more conscientious grocery shopper who is better at choosing the right kind of nutritious food and preparing meals for my kids.

As a mom to growing athletes, I know the importance of providing a nutrient-dense diet of whole foods for my children. Milk is a nutrient powerhouse and it is the most consumed beverage in my house, next to water. It is so indispensable, that whenever I buy milk in the grocery, I head over to the wholesale section and order a big box of milk in tetra packs.

The tetra containers are so handy to carry around, and perfect for my super hectic kids.

Selecta Fortified Milk is my family's current choice of milk. Let me tell you why:

1. Regardless of age, milk is an excellent source of essential nutrients for maintaining good health and proper growth. 

2. During times that we are rushed in the mornings and we don't have time to eat a heavy breakfast, a glass of milk assures me that everyone in the family still get a nutritious drink to give them the energy they need before they head out for a busy day ahead.

3. Great as a recovery drink after intense workout. A sports nutritionist told my kids that drinking milk within 15 minutes after they finish their workout is great for muscle recovery. Replacing fluid and nutrients after a workout helps rebuild muscles and maintain strong bones. Selecta Fortified Milk has all the vitamins and nutrients my kids need to help them recover after their swim training.

4. My kids love it because it has that light vanilla taste, and I love it because it is not annoyingly sweet. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that my son can finish a 1-liter pack by himself. Parang ginawang tubig lang? hahaha!

The new easy-to-open helicap assures that there’s less chances of spillage.

5. It's very affordable, with an SRP of P66.00 for 1 Liter and P21 for 245ml. I also love that Selecta Fortified Milk comes in tetra packs making them so easy to bring around as baon. And the easy to open helicap means there's less chances of spillage.

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