Thursday, March 30, 2017

Reminiscing About DIY Birthday Parties + The Little Whisk

Now that all my kids are teenagers, no one gets excited for birthday parties anymore.

I would ask them if they want me to throw them one, and sadly, they now all decline my offer.

I remember when they were all much younger, I would make intimate DIY birthday parties that would allow me to express my creativity. I would DIY galore!

The most fun I've had was when I hosted a crafternoon birthday party for B.
I had a craft table set-up. The girls all had their own craft kits bundled up in a cute feline princess box. I printed out the instructions for each craft and laid out some samples to inspire and guide them.

Some of the crafts they did that afternoon:

Ang cute di ba? And to think, most of the materials were just upcycled 
from ordinary household materials

You can read all about the crafternoon  party here:

*   *   *

Another memorable one was when I threw a SPArty for J. All pof her friends were treated to an hour of foot soak and cleaning, foot massage and pedicure, too!

She just loved the experience of gathering all her good friends in one place 
and having lots of girly fun with them. 

We did a lot of DIY for this party also. We baked our own cupcakes. I designed the birthday banner and had it printed out. It's still with us up to this day. We take it out every year during B's birthday and hang it in our dining room. For me, it just makes the  banner more special because it has celebrated so many birthdays with us already.

*   *   *

But even if they have outgrown DIY birthday parties, they still request for me to bake something to give to their friends.

Carrot cupcakes are a fave, it's one of the most requested flavors by all three kids. They asked me to make it so many times already.

A Thomas the Train themed cupcake for when R was still in pre-school

Cookies of all kinds and flavors are also another favorite

Just last year, B requested for matcha cookies

There was also a year when J requested me to make cookie cups

That's it! I'm done reminiscing. Hahaha!

Last year, J requested for flamingo sugar cookies as birthday treats for her friends.

Decorating sugar cookies is not my area of expertise, and so I had to call in my friend, Maggie of The Little Whisk to help me out.

Maggie is a work-at-home mom of two boys. She started doing decorated sugar cookies as a hobby. When she was planning for her eldest son’s birthday five years ago, she was looking for cookie and cakepop suppliers for her Dr. Seuss theme but she couldn't find a supplier. That’s when she got interested in baking and decorating treats like cakepops and cookies. 
It started as a hobby and she would bake and design for friends and family. Until pretty soon, people she didn't even know would order from her. She is the best sugar cookie supplier out there. She's very easy to talk to, and you can really rest easy knowing that she always exceeds her clients' expectations.
My daughter was very happy with the The Little Whisk cookies she ordered from her. Just have a look at them.

The Little Whisk is a home-based supplier of decorated sugar cookies, cakepops and cupcakes for any event. It aims to make any event and every celebrant feel extra special through our treats. Our goal is to make events more special and to put a smile to anyone who receives and tastes the treats.
 The Little Whisk specializes in decorated sugar cookies. They create customize inspired and intricately-designed cookies depending on the customer’s preferences. The customers can either show a peg or tell the theme of the event and we will send over some sketch or design pegs.

Here are some of her works:

And I'm saving two of my most favorites for last...

Ang gaganda di ba? For more photos of Maggie's cookies, visit The Little Whisk on IG and FB.

To know more about The Little Whisk


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